Staking a tree

Watch our practical video to discover the best way to stake a tree.

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Staking a tree is an important part of the planting routine, helping it to establish a stable root system. In this video guide, David Hurrion explains which sizes of tree will benefit from staking and runs through the whole process.

David demonstrates how to remove a section of the rootball to accommodate the stake close to the main stem. Next, he shows how to correctly position the stake and cuts it to the optimum length for anchoring the tree against strong winds. David then shares advice on securely attaching the stake to the tree before returning the excavated soil and topping off with a thick mulch of well-rotted organic matter.

Find out how to stake a tree to give it the best possible start, in our practical video.

Be sure to regularly check that the tie isn’t constricting the main stem of your tree, loosening it if necessary to accommodate growth. The root system should be sufficiently established within 18 months to two years, after which you can remove the stake.