Upcycling - pallet planter

Upcycling in the garden

We reveal how to upcycle common items to make decorative and stylish garden features.

‘Upcycling’ involves repurposing something so it has a greater value than it had originally. Many common and household items can be ‘upcycled’ for use in the garden, rather than be discarded at landfill or ‘downcycled’ into something of lower value. Be inspired by our selection of items that can be reused in the garden – what can you upcycle in yours?

Make a pallet planter

Upcycling - pallet planter
Upcycling – pallet planter

Repurpose a pallet into a mini, bespoke vertical garden. After washing it down and  painting it, simply wedge suitably sized plants in their existing containers between the slats. A frothy mix of spare bedding plugs and young salad plants makes a pretty and productive mid-summer combination.

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