Quick Tips How can I increase wildlife in my garden

How can I increase wildlife in my garden?

Richard Jones reveals the best possible way to attract wildlife to your garden.

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In this Quick Tips video guide, Richard ‘Bugman’ Jones highlights the single best feature you can add to your garden to attract wildlife: a pond. He gives advice on location, depth and the range of plants to use – and gives an idea of the wildlife you can expect to see.


Without doubt, the best way to increase wildlife in you garden is to put in a pond, even a small one. The basic design principles are pretty simple: put it in open sunlight (not under trees where leaves can  fall in and pollute the water), make sure there are shallows, not steep sides, so things like frogs and toads can get in and out, and use a variety of different plant architectures. Floating leaves provide shelter, submerged plants oxygenate the water, and emergent stems allow dragonfly nymphs to crawl up when it’s time for the adults to emerge. Pond creatures are remarkable mobile, so don’t be at all surprised to see damselflies and water beetles coming to investigate as you start to fill it with water.