Reseeding a bare patch of lawn

How to weed and reseed a lawn

Find out how to remove weeds from your lawn and repair patches in autumn, with the help of this practical guide.

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Autumn is the ideal time to tackle perennial lawn weeds, such as daisies, dandelions and plantain, sowing grass seed in their place. There is still time for the grass seed to germinate before winter.

Ideally, tackle the weeds after a spell of rain, so it’s easier to push the weeder or trowel down into the soil to dig out any roots. Remove any large clumps of spreading weeds, such as clover and buttercups, using a hand fork.

Here’s how to weed and reseed the lawn.


Total time:

Step 1

Insert a weeding tool under the base of each weed and lever it up to loosen the roots. Pull the weed out by hand.


Step 2

Make sure you’ve got out all the roots, then sprinkle soil-based compost on the patch of bare soil.


Step 3

Scatter grass seed evenly over the compost. Water, then cover with fleece to protect from birds.