Quick Tips What's the best way to clean decking

What’s the best way to clean decking?

Find out the best way to clean decking, in our Quick Tips video guide.

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Got a large area of decking to clean, and not sure how to go about it? Lucy Hall, editor of BBC Gardeners’ World magazine, shares her expert advice on cleaning it gently with a pressure washer. She explains how to prepare the area first, and which settings to use.

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To clean a large area of decking, start by sweeping the entire deck with a stiff-bristled broom. Then, set to work with a pressure washer. Be aware, though, that pressure washers can loosen the surface of your decking, or gouge the wood, particularly if the wood is soft. Try out the washer on a small, hidden area first and proceed with caution – it should be fine. Always use the washer on ‘fan’ rather than ‘jet’ setting and keep the nozzle 60cm away from the decking surface. Finally, try lowering the pressure output rating – too high a level can cause damage.