Can I rid my veg plot of clubroot

Can I rid my veg plot of clubroot?

Kate Bradbury gives her top tips on preventing clubroot from spoiling brassicas on the veg plot.


Clubroot is difficult to completely remove from soil, but there are plenty of ways to prevent it. Kate Bradbury gives sage advice on deterring clubroot from your veg plot, including the importance of alkaline conditions and growing in raised beds.


It’s virtually impossible to clear clubroot, as it can remain in the soil for up to 20 years – but you can still grow brassicas. Create raised beds and fill them with a mix of fresh topsoil and compost, and always buy disease-free plants. Better still, sow your own and raise seedlings in pots, so they form a good root system, and plant them one or two inches deeper than you would normally, so new roots form around the stem. This will help plants to grow strongly before the disease infects them. Clubroot prefers an acidic soil, so you can add lime and improve drainage to create more alkaline conditions. Finally, grow varieties with some resistance, including cabbages ‘Kilaxy’ and ‘Kilaton’, cauliflower ‘Clapton’ and Brussels sprout ‘Crispus’.