Chickweed seedlings in a pot


Control chickweed growth in your garden, with the help of advice in our guide, or gather it to add to your salad.

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Chickweed, Stellaria media, is best thought of as delicious rather than a pernicious weed. Its young leaves are packed with vitamins, so it makes a healthy addition to salads. However, it can also harbour greenfly and spider mite, so remove it immediately if it appears in your greenhouse.



Chickweed is a tenacious weed that can grow quickly and form thick mats, which smother nearby plants.

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Hand weed or hoe out seedlings as they appear, or smother them with a good layer of compost or mulch. The most effective control is to remove the plants while they’re seedlings.



Use a total weedkiller. Avoid spraying on a windy day, or when the weed’s near other desirable plants.