How do I keep ants out of pots

How can I keep ants out of pots?

Find out how to tackle ants that are nesting in pots or farming aphids on potted plants.


Ants can be an issue if they’re nesting in your pots and containers, or if they’re farming aphids on your plants, protecting them from harm. Find out how to tackle them in this Quick Tips video with Kevin Smith, BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, as he provides the answers.

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Yes, it is possible to keep ants out of pots. The ants are most likely to be attracted to plants infested with greenfly and other sap-sucking pests. Ants feed on the sticky honeydew that these pests secrete, so controlling them will help the problem a lot. If you want to stop ants from nesting in pots, cover the holes in the base with a layer of fleece when planting. If you want to get rid of an established nest, then use nematodes, available as a biological control.