Why will my cherries not ripen

Why won’t my cherries ripen?

Cherries can fail to ripen for a number of reasons. Take a look at this Quick Tips video to discover the causes and signs.


If you’ve gone to pick some tasty cherries only to be met with unripe, discoloured fruits, a number of factors could be to blame. Watch this Quick Tips video, as Emma Crawforth reveals some of the surprising causes that could be at work, including how to spot their signs.


If your cherries won’t ripen, it’s likely that the flowers haven’t been pollinated. A fruit might start to develop, but the flesh doesn’t thicken, meaning it doesn’t ripen, and it discolours. If your fruits look discoloured, cut one in half with a sharp knife. If there’s nothing solid in the young stone, the fruits haven’t been pollinated.

Also, in poor springs, with little sunshine, followed by cool summers with cold nights, even pollinated cherries can become discoloured.