BBC Gardeners' World Magazine Guides

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Guides

Find out more about the special-edition series of six BBC Gardeners' World Magazine Guides to look forward to throughout 2022.

Throughout 2022 we’ll publish six BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Guides, an exciting series of 132-page special editions. Whether you’re looking to fill your home with more house plants this year or find out how to grow fresh produce with limited space we have easy techniques and clear instructions to guide you along the way. There are practical skills so you can sow seeds with confidence and achieve results every time. Plus, we’ll help you prepare for the next growing year with our Year Planner 2023.


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Your Garden from Seed


BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Guide: Your Garden from Seed

Transform your garden with beautiful flowers and delicious veg all sown from seed – it’s the perfect way to get big results at little cost, all with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve grown something from scratch. Our one-stop seed-sowing guide includes all you need to succeed, including month-by-month sowing calendars, clear step-by-step guides to hone your techniques and the lowdown on the kit you’ll need. You’ll find troubleshooting tips too, providing expert advice at every step along the way.

On sale: Thursday 20 January, 2022.

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Small Space Veg

£8.99 – includes 5 packs of seeds worth £11.65

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Guide: Small Space Veg

Enjoy delicious homegrown harvests, however small your space. From windowsills and balconies, to raised beds and containers, you’ll find everything you need for success in this one-stop guide. Follow growing guides and clear step-by-step instructions to enjoy fresh and tasty veg, fruit and herbs. Also includes five packets of seed including tomatoes, carrots and salad leaves.

On sale: Thursday 17 March, 2022 (pre-order online from Friday 11 March)

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Please note: Due to new restrictions on moving plants and seeds overseas, this issue is only available to mainland UK customers.

Gardening for Wildlife


BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Guide: Gardening for Wildlife

Make your garden a haven for wildlife with 30 projects and clear step-by-step instructions. Inside you’ll find 75 plants to attract wildlife to your plot, and handy spotter’s guides to help you identify 50 wild visitors to your plot. It’s all you need for a successful year of wildlife gardening.

On sale: Thursday 19 May, 2022.

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Your Pruning Year


BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Guide: Your Pruning Year

Pruning demystified! Discover how and when to prune for fuss-free flowers, plus how to make the right cuts every time with time-saving techniques and expert advice. Also discover how pruning can help boost harvests and get more from your fruit – it’s all covered in simple step-by-step guides for success every time.

On sale: Thursday 21 July, 2022 (pre-order online from Friday 15 July)

Creative House Plants


BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Guide: Creative House plants

Breathe life into your home with our one-stop guide to growing beautiful house plants – it’s full of creative ideas to bring stylish greenery to every room. Also discover the fuss-free plants for every location, how to care for them and how to make more plants for free.

On sale: Thursday 29 September, 2022 (pre order online from Friday 16 September)

Year Planner 2023


BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Guide: Year Planner 2023

A month-by-month guide to your best-ever year in the garden. Transform your plot with creative projects, beautiful flowers and simple ideas for every season. Plus enjoy delicious homegrown harvests year-round and perfect your growing techniques with clear step-by-step instructions and foolproof instructions.

On sale: Thursday 03 November, 2022 (pre-order online from Friday 14 October)

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