Basket of tomatoes

10 of the best tomatoes to grow

We recommend 10 of our favourite tomato varieties to grow.

Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes, from large beefsteaks grown on cordons to tiny cherry varieties, suitable for cultivating in a hanging basket.


Homegrown tomatoes are much tastier than supermarket-bought ones, but their flavour and uses vary – some are best for eating in salads, while others are more appropriate for sauces and stews.

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Tomatoes grow in one of two ways – either as a bush, or trained as a cordon (a tall single stem). You may want to bear this in mind when choosing which varieties to grow, too.

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Here are 10 of our favourite tomato varieties to grow.

Some tomatoes are best for eating in salads, while others are more appropriate for sauces and stews.


Tomato ‘Incas’

‘Incas’ is a very early plum tomato with bright red, meaty fruit with a thick flesh. It’s perfect for barbecuing and using in sauces and purees.

Type: Bush

Height: 100cm



Tomato ‘Ildi’

A cherry variety bearing sweet yellow pear-shaped tomatoes, ‘Ildi’ is perfect for eating raw and in salads. It’s ideal for container growing.

Type: Cordon

Height: 180cm



Tomato ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’

‘Costoluto Fiorentino’ is an old-fashioned beefsteak tomato producing medium to large mishapen and ribbed fruits with an excellent flavour. Suitable for slicing and using in sauces.

Type: Cordon

Height: 150cm



Tomato ‘Astro Ibrido’

A fantastic- tasting plum tomato variety, ‘Astro Ibrido‘ is perfect for using in sauces and preserves. Suitable for growing in containers. You may also find it sold as tomato ‘Scipio Ibrido’.

Type: Cordon

Height: 90cm



Tomato ‘Rio Grande’

‘Rio Grande’ is a plum tomato producing heavy crops of deep-red fruit. Perfect for sauces.

Type: Bush

Height: 45cm



Tomato ‘Tigerella’

Rich, tangy ‘Tigerella’ has a unique flavour and striped flesh. It’s ideal for salads and sauces.

Type: Cordon

Height: 200cm



Tomato ‘Super Sweet 100’

An Incredibly sweet cherry tomato with thin skin, ‘Super Sweet 100’ is ideal for use in salads. High yields.

Type: Cordon

Height: 150cm



Tomato ‘Red Alert’

‘Red Alert’ is a cherry tomato bearing bright red, sweet fruits. It’s heavy cropping and with a good flavour – ideal for salads and cooking.

Type: Bush


Height: 45cm