16 beautiful amaryllis to grow

16 beautiful amaryllis to grow

Discover 16 of our favourite amaryllis varieties to grow.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) bulbs have large and flamboyant trumpet-shaped flowers and are very easy to grow indoors.


They make a beautiful Christmas display – find out how to force amaryllis bulbs for Christmas. By staggering your planting times, you can enjoy blooms up until Easter – discover three tips for growing amaryllis.

All parts of amaryllis are toxic to cats, so it’s best to grow them in areas they can’t reach.

Discover 16 beautiful amaryllis varieties to try, below.

All parts of amaryllis are toxic to cats, so it's best to grow them in areas they can't reach.

Hippeastrum ‘Royal Velvet’

As the name suggests, the flowers of ‘Royal Velvet’ are a deep scarlet, with a velvety texture. The flower spike, or scape, will reach around 50cm in height.


Hippeastrum ‘Green Goddess’

‘Green Goddess’ is a smaller, more dainty variety, with flowers that resemble lilies. The centre of the flowers is flushed with apple green, fading to pure white. ‘Green Goddess’ will grow to 45cm in height.


Hippeastrum ‘Chico’

The spidery flowers of ‘Chico’ make it one of the most distinctive amaryllis varieties. With a scape growing to 50cm, the green and fuchsia-coloured blooms are unmissable.


Hippeastrum ‘Mont Blanc’

Reaching a statuesque 60cm in height, ‘Mont Blanc’ has large pure white blooms, with a lovely lime-green centre.


Hippeastrum ‘Tosca’

The veined scarlet and white petals give ‘Tosca’ a particularly festive air. Expect it to grow to a towering 60cm in height.


Hippeastrum ‘Fairytale’

Though not growing as tall as other amaryllis (around 40cm), ‘Fairytale’ is nonetheless stunning. The red and white veined petals are particularly striking.


Hippeastrum ‘Emerald’

Amaryllis ‘Emerald’ is all about the detail. The white-green petals are delicately frilled, and have pretty red margins. Will reach 45cm in height.


Hippeastrum ‘Clown’

Amaryllis ‘Clown’ has marvellous blooms with white and red stripes, which are held atop tall stems. Expect this variety to reach 60cm in height.


Hippeastrum papilio

Unlike other amaryllis, the eye-catching red and white veined flowers of H. papilio are held on several stems, rather than one. Will reach 50cm in height.


Hippeastrum ‘Red Lion’

Growing to an impressive 60cm, ‘Red Lion’ is surely one of the most impressive amaryllis varieties, with large, deep red trumpets.


Hippeastrum ‘Amputo’

A much-coveted variety for its gentle, sweet scent, ‘Amputo’ has handsome white flowers, similar to lilies. Can reach 45-60cm.


Hippeastrum ‘Apple Blossom’

So called because of its pink-tinged petals, ‘Apple Blossom’ is one of the more delicate amaryllis varieties. Will grow to 40-60cm in height.


Hippeastrum ‘Sumatra’

Like ‘Chico’, ‘Sumatra’ is a dazzling example of the cybister amaryllis varieties, which are characterised by their slender petals. This variety will grow to 40cm.


Hippeastrum ‘Alfresco’

A superb double variety, ‘Alfresco’ has pure white flowers with an apple-green throat, and will reach 60cm in height.


Hippeastrum ‘Exotic Star’

The lovely raspberry-coloured veins of ‘Exotic Star’ are not to be missed. Expect the scape to reach 50-60cm in height.


Hippeastrum ‘Black Pearl’

The deep maroon coloured flowers of ‘Black Pearl’ are unmistakeable, and have a silky look when light catches them. Grows to 60cm in height.


Planting amaryllis

Amaryllis perform best if sat tightly in their containers, so choose one that allows a couple of centimetres of compost around the bulb.