Things may be winding down on the allotment in October, but there's still plenty to do, including harvesting late crops, planting for next year and improving the soil.


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Here are some allotment jobs for October.


It's time to harvest the last of the crops such as runner beans and courgettes, as well as pumpkins and squash. It's also the time to harvest maincrop potatoes.

A wheelbarrow full of pumpkins and squash

Sowing and planting

You can sow peas and broad beans now - watch Monty's video guide to sowing 'Aquadulce', a particularly hardy broad bean variety. Rhubarb crowns can also be planted now; established clumps can also be divided. Watch Monty divide a rhubarb plant.

Planting a rhubarb crown


Brussels sprouts can blow over in heavy winds when leaden with crops, so stake them now with a sturdy cane to prevent this.

A young Brussels sprouts plant staked to a cane

Improve soil

While the plot is relatively empty, it's a great opportunity to improve the soil. This doesn't have to be hard work - either sow a green manure, or spread a 5cm layer of well-rotted manure on top of it - worms will work it into the soil over the winter.

Adding compost/manure to soil