Asplenium nidus 'Osaka'

Asplenium nidus ‘Osaka’

Bird's nest fern

  • Botanical name: Asplenium nidus 'Osaka'
  • Common name: Bird's nest fern
  • Family: Aspleniaceae
  • Plant Type: House plant, Perennial, Evergreen
Foliage colour:


The bird’s nest fern, Asplenium nidus, is a handsome evergreen fern that grows as a rosette of broad, glossy leaves. Though tender, it makes a good houseplant and is ideally suited to a warm, humid spot such as a steamy bathroom or kitchen.


Asplenium nidus ‘Osaka’ bears long, glossy leaves that have rippled margins, giving the whole plant a rather luxuriant look.


For best results, grow Asplenium nidus ‘Osaka’ in a fairly bright spot, but not in direct sunlight. If not growing in a humid spot, it will benefit from regular misting with a spray bottle.

How to grow Asplenium 'Osaka'

  • Plant size

    100cm height

    100cm spread

  • Sun exposure: Dappled shade, full shade, partial shade
  • Hardiness: Tender
  • Soil type: Acidic / clay / heavy / moist / well drained / light / sandy
  • Plant care: Avoid strong sunlight, mist leaves regularly, needs a humid spot/position, prefers a shady spot

Asplenium 'Osaka' and wildlife

Asplenium 'Osaka' has no particular known value to wildlife in the UK.

Is Asplenium 'Osaka' poisonous?

Asplenium 'Osaka' has no toxic effects reported.

No reported toxicity to:

No reported toxicity to Birds

No reported toxicity to Cats

No reported toxicity to Dogs

No reported toxicity to Horses

No reported toxicity to Livestock

No reported toxicity to People

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