Best geums to grow

Best geums to grow

We pick 10 gorgeous, slug-resistant and weed suppressing geums to grow.

Geums are beautiful hardy perennials, with slug-resistant, weed suppressing foliage and lovely, open flowers that attract bees.


Most are semi-evergreen and love moist soil, so it’s a good idea to incorporate lots of organic matter when planting them. A spot in partial shade is ideal, as the foliage can scorch in full sun.

As for colour, geum flowers provide some of the richest hues out there, from deep reds to custard yellows. Try growing geums with plants like Japanese primroses, daylilies, ragged robin and white laceflowers.

This is far from all the geums you could grow – check out the profiles on our Plant Finder to discover more.

Discover 10 of the best geums to grow, below.

Geums are beautiful hardy perennials, with slug-resistant, weed suppressing foliage and lovely, open flowers.

Geum ‘Custard Tart’

This sturdy cultivar has lovely rich-yellow flowers and fresh green foliage. ‘Custard Tart’ will grow to form a small clump, reaching around 40cm in height when in flower.


Geum ‘Roger’s Rebellion’

Introduced in 2014, ‘Roger’s Rebellion’ has cream and raspberry coloured blooms that contrast with bronze stems. This cultivar will grow to around 50cm in height, and can be grown in sun or part shade.


Geum ‘Scarlet Tempest’

The fiery red-orange blooms of ‘Scarlet Tempest’ are hard to miss, but you can make it stand out all the more by growing alongside contrasting purple- and blue-flowered plants in the garden. Happy in sun or partial shade. Grows to around 55cm in height.


Geum ‘Poco’

An reliable variety – ‘Poco’ has yellow flowers with a hint of orange, held on attractive purple stems, though the foliage is green. While vigorous, it won’t spread too far and stays relatively compact. Grows to around 45cm tall.


Geum ‘Mrs J Bradshaw’

‘Mrs J Bradshaw’ has gorgeous, deep red flowers with ruffled petals. This popular cultivar prefers a spot in full sun and will spread to form a clump around 60cm wide and tall.


Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’

‘Totally Tangerine’ has zingy orange flowers that are perfectly suited to lighting up shady spots, though it can be grown in sun. Particularly floriferous, it’ll keep performing until the first frosts.  90cm tall when in flower.


Geum ‘El Wano’

This cultivar can be grown in sun or partial shade, where it’ll produce lots of large, warm-apricot coloured blooms on bronze stems. ‘El Wano’ will eventually form a clump 40cm wide and reach about 50cm tall when in flower.


Geum ‘East of Eden’

‘East of Eden’ has beautiful, cherry blossom coloured flowers. A vigorous cultivar, it will grow to around 50cm in height.


Geum ‘Turbango Twister’

‘Turbango Twister’ has large, open orange flowers held on deep purple stems. This cultivar will grow happily in sun or partial shade and will grow to a height of 40cm.


Geum ‘Firefinch’

‘Firefinch’ has gorgeous dusky orange blooms, with petals that are almost feathery in appearance. This cultivar has fresh green foliage and can be grown in sun or partial shade. Grows to around 50cm in height.


Dividing geums

If your clumps of geums are starting to look bare in the centre, it might be time to lift and divide the clump in spring. In some cases you’ll need to reject the heart of the plant. You can also dig up the side shoots to replant in the garden.