Best petunias to grow

Best petunias to grow

We pick 10 of the best petunias to grow.

Petunias are popular bedding plants often spotted in enormous hanging baskets adorning pubs and and lamp posts.


Most bedding petunias are classed as either Multifloras or Grandifloras. Multifloras have a large number of smaller flowers that tend to fare better in inclement weather. Grandifloras have fewer blooms which are large and floppy, so are better grown in a sheltered spot where they’re less vulnerable to wind and rain.

There are hundreds of petunias to grow in a dazzling array of hues and patterns, so there are lots of combinations to be had with other plants. Several varieties of petunia are often seen combined with bidens and trailing lobelias.

Need some inspiration? Check out this wildlife-friendly hanging basket, which uses petunias, or try planting up a petunia and diascia hanging basket.

Discover some of our favourite petunias to grow, below.

'Black Satin' is a sumptuous petunia with aubergine-coloured flowers that have satiny sheen to them.


Petunia ‘Phantom’

Petunia ‘Phantom’ is an especially eye-catching variety, with velvety black flowers that develop yellow demarcations on each petal as they mature, giving them a starry appearance. This cultivar has an upright, mounding growth habit.



Petunia ‘Rose Vein Velvet’

‘Rose Vein Velvet’ is said to be one of the best petunias to grow from seed. The pink, veined blooms are produced in their masses on trailing stems, up to 1m long. A great cultivar for hanging baskets and window boxes.



Petunia ‘Black Satin’

‘Black Satin’ is a sumptuous petunia with aubergine-coloured flowers that have satiny sheen to them. This compact variety combines well with light and bright-coloured bedding plants, creating a dramatic contrast.



Petunia ‘Bingo Red’

Petunia ‘Bingo Red’ is part of the Bingo series, a group of compact, upright plants available in a range of colours. Being compact, they’re ideal for planting in small pots that can be dotted around.



Petunia ‘Priscilla’

The Tumbelina series of petunias includes cultivars like ‘Priscilla’ (pictured), ‘Candy Floss’ and ‘Susanna’. They have ruffled, double flowers that are larger than those of other trailing varieties.



Petunia ‘Cascadias Rim Magenta’

‘Cascadias Rim Magenta’ is one of the Cascadias petunias, characterised by their trailing habit. They’re ideal for growing in hanging baskets or tumbling over the sides of pots and window boxes. Other Cascadias petunias to grow include ‘Cascadias Indian Summer’ and ‘Cascadias Rim Violet’.