Pink tulips to grow

Pink tulips to grow

We recommend our favourite pink tulips, ranging from soft pastel to purple-tinged varieties.

Pink tulips are versatile spring plants, perfectly blending with cool-toned blues and purples on one end of the spectrum and reds and oranges on the other.


When planting your tulips, opt for a sunny spot in well-drained soil and delay planting until November or December, when a few frosts have hit. If you have excessively heavy or light, sandy soil, it’ll benefit from the addition of some well-rotted organic matter before planting.

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How to grow tulips

For a natural look, try scattering the bulbs and planting them where they land around shrubs. In border displays, consider combining tulips with forget-me-nots, bleeding heart, other spring bulbs and honesty.

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Try growing some of the gorgeous pink tulip varieties, below.

‘Don Quichotte’

Tulipa 'Don Quichotte'
Tulipa ‘Don Quichotte’

A hot-pink Triumph tulip, ‘Don Quichotte’ has single, cup-shaped flowers that start opening in mid-April, as is typical for this type for tulip. Strong stems make it ideal for cutting and growing in slightly more exposed spots.

Height: 45cm.


Tulipa 'Rai'
Tulipa ‘Rai’

‘Rai’ is a flamboyant parrot tulip with bold pink flowers and petals with an almost feathery appearance. It looks brilliant combined with deep purple and orange tulips.

H: 45cm.


Tulipa 'Antoinette'
Tulipa ‘Antoinette’

Vibrantly coloured ‘Antoinette’ is also known as the chameleon tulip, starting out as yellow buds and gradually turning pink as it opens and matures. Several flowers are held on each stem, boosting the colour this variety provides.

H: 45cm.

‘New Design’

Tulipa 'New Design'
Tulipa ‘New Design’

Like ‘Don Quichotte’, ‘New Design’ is a Triumph tulip. It bears creamy-pink flowers delicately striped with yellow. This variety also has variegated foliage in the form of green leaves edged with cream.

H: 40cm.

‘China Pink’

Tulipa 'China Pink'
Tulipa ‘China Pink’

‘China Pink’ is a lily-type tulip, owing to its pointed petals. Once open, each single flower takes on a lovely star shape, and is held on sturdy stems.

H: 50cm.

‘Pink Diamond’

Tulipa 'Pink Diamond'
Tulipa ‘Pink Diamond’

‘Pink Diamond’ is a late-flowering variety with single, pale-pink flowers and delicately ruffled petals. Great planted alongside contrasting varieties like ‘Queen of Night’ and ‘Brownie’.

H: 50cm.


Tulipa 'Menton'
Tulipa ‘Menton’

This gorgeous variety has warm, salmon-pink blooms with goblet-shaped flowers held on tall stems. Flowering in late spring, ‘Menton’ is fabulous for cut flowers.

H: 65cm.

‘Queen of Marvel’

Tulipa 'Queen of Marvel'
Tulipa ‘Queen of Marvel’

‘Queen of Marvel’ has double flowers in a deep shade of pink. Blooming in early to mid-spring, it has a light fragrance and strong stems, so is a nice choice for cut flowers.


H: 35cm.