Crocus tommasinianus Whitewell Purple

Five of the best February-flowering bulbs

Discover five bulbs that flower in February, bringing welcome colour to the late-winter garden.

Bulbs are often viewed as spring plants, but there are plenty of February flowering bulbs, bringing some early colour.


There are many ways you can plant them, too. Snowdrops can be used to beautiful effect in mossy, snowdrop pots. But they’ll look equally good planted in drifts alongside other flowers like winter aconites, providing a winter nectar treat for bees.

Other winter flowering bulbs like early daffodils and Cyclamen coum are ideal for naturalising in grass.

Discover our pick of the top five February flowering bulbs, below.

Snowdrops (Galanthus) are one of the earliest bulbs to flower, and look particularly spectacular when planted in drifts.



There are many different species and varieties of crocus to choose from. Most crocuses have beautiful, purple flowers, though there are also orange or white varieties to grow, like ‘Jeanne D’Arc’.



Iris reticulata

Not to be confused with largely summer-flowering bearded irisesIris reticulata produces a more refined flower, without compromising on colour. The deep violet blooms are splashed with yellow and white, serving as an eye-catching landing pad for bees and other pollinators.




To ensure you have plenty of bold daffodil blooms to enjoy in February, go for early-flowering varieties like ‘February Gold’ or ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’. As an alternative to planting the bulbs in the ground, you could try creating a container display with primulas and the black grass-like perennial, Ophiopogon.




Snowdrops (Galanthus) are one of the earliest bulbs to flower, and look particularly spectacular when planted in drifts. The scented blooms make pretty cut flowers, too. Don’t forget to increase your stock of snowdrops by lifting and dividing the clumps, after flowering has finished.



Cyclamen coum

These shade-loving perennials produce delicate pink, purple and white blooms from January to March, so they’re ideal February flowering bulbs. Grow Cyclamen coum in a humus-rich soil and provide with a good mulch of well-rotted manure to protect from summer heat and winter cold.


Naturalise bulbs in grass

Many late winter bulbs, including snowdrops and crocus, look stunning when left to naturalise in grass. Plant them under a deciduous tree for example, where they will form a carpet of colour.

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