Five bulb combinations for March

Five bulb combinations for March

In March, spring bulbs such as daffodils, Iris reticulata and crocus really start to come into their own, brightening flower beds, borders and pots.


If you didn’t get around to planting bulbs in the autumn, you can easily find potted bulbs, and the plants that look good with them at this time of year, at the garden centre.

Here are five combinations to inspire you – plant the bulbs in the garden once the display is over.


Hyacinth and primula

This hyacinth and primula container really packs a punch, not only in terms of its striking looks but its scent, too – the hyacinths are highly fragranced. The bulbs and the primulas can be planted in the garden when the display is past its best.



Hyacinth, iris and heuchera

In this unusual combination, the purple of the Iris reticulata complements both the purple foliage of the evergreen heuchera and the vivid blue of the hyacinths. The bulbs can be swapped for spring and summer bedding plants to extend the season of the pot.



Grape hyacinth and Stipa tenuissima

In this unusual combination, grape hyacinth (Muscari) is planted with the ornamental grass, Stipa tenuissima, and pansies. Discover how to plant this window box.



Iris and crocus

A carpet of beautiful Iris reticulata ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ is complemented by purple crocuses. Try naturalising these bulbs in a sunny patch of lawn or at the base of a deciduous tree or shrub.


Discover five spring planting combinations.