Five bulbs to plant in February

For every garden ‘look’, there’s a summer flowering bulb to match, from regal agapanthus to exotic eucomis. While they’re often planted out in spring, you can get ahead by planting them in February.


As a rule of thumb, bulbs prefer a light, well-draining soil, so wet, heavy soils are best avoided. Don’t worry if this is the case in your garden, as you can instead plant all the bulbs shown below in pots and containers.

Take a look at our pick of five beautiful bulbs to plant in February, for masses of summer flowers, below.



Lilies have some of the most recognisable flowers, and with such scent, size and colour, it’s no surprise. Plant them any time from autumn to spring in a sunny spot, in rich, well-drained soil, around 15-20cm deep. If you have heavy, wet soil, you could try planting the bulbs in containers, to create a vibrant display.




Exotic pineapple lilies (Eucomis) bulbs are usually planted in spring, however, it’s not too early to plant them in pots and containers. If planted in well-drained soil, the bulbs should be hardy to around -6ºC. Plant the bulbs 15cm deep in pots for an impressive summer display, or if you like, plant them out in the border once actively growing, after the last frosts.




Liatris are tough, herbaceous perennials hailing from North America, beloved by bees and butterflies. Large, extravagant blooms come in shades of pink, purple and white and they’ll eventually form a clump that can be divided in spring to increase your stock of plants. Plant the bulbs in light, well-draining soil, around 5cm deep.




There are many beautiful varieties of agapanthus to grow, and getting them started couldn’t be easier. Containers are ideal, as it makes it far easier to provide them with winter protection by bringing under cover. Plant the bulbs 8-10cm deep, 10-15cm apart in good quality, well-drained compost. Once frosts have passed, move the pot outdoors to a warm, sunny position.




Galtonia, or summer hyacinths, prefer a sunny position in well-draining soil where the bulbs should be planted 10cm deep, 10cm apart. These stately plants produce tall spikes of nodding white flowers, which look particularly spectacular when planted in large drifts. In colder areas, overwinter the bulbs by lifting as you would with gladioli.