Pink echinacea 'Leuchtstern'

Five summer perennials for July

Check out some of our favourite perennials that flower in July.

July is jam-packed with beautiful flowering plants, so when it comes to picking summer perennials, you’re spoilt for choice.


Of course, to keep your perennials looking good and flowering for as long as possible, they will need a bit of help. Take a look at our quick guide to summer watering, plus our advice on how to deadhead flowers.

Check out five of the best summer perennials for July, below.

Like all plants in the daisy family, rudbeckias are a hit with pollinators.



Commonly known as yarrow, achillea are hardy, herbaceous perennials that produce marvellous, flat flower heads, popular with a range of beneficial insects. The feathery foliage is particularly attractive, too.

Pink and cream achillea flowerheads
Pink and cream achillea flowerheads


Hollyhocks (alcea) are cottage garden classics. A varied range of cultivars are available, including the sumptuous ‘Halo Lavender’ (pictured), as well as the apricot-bloomed ‘Halo Apricot’.

Deep-purple blooms of hollyhock 'Halo Lavender'
Deep-purple blooms of hollyhock ‘Halo Lavender’


Like all plants in the daisy family, rudbeckias are a hit with pollinators – and provide a hit of colour from midsummer into autumn. An easy cut flower to grow from seed.

Bright-orange rudbeckias planted beside grasses
Bright-orange rudbeckias planted beside grasses

Hardy geraniums

Hardy geraniums, such as ‘Russell Prichard’ and ‘Ann Folkard’, are especially useful plants to grow in shade. Once the flowers have gone over, cut the plant right back to encourage a second flush of blooms and foliage.

Purple hardy geranium flowers
Purple hardy geranium flowers


Purple coneflowers (echinaceas) are ideal summer perennials for July. Just a few of the cultivars you could grow include ‘Sunset’ and ‘Leuchtstern’ (pictured). If you enjoy growing daisies, here are eight essential border daisies to grow.

Pink echinacea 'Leuchtstern'
Pink echinacea ‘Leuchtstern’

Summer perennials for gravel gardens