After skyrocketing in spring, many summer perennials will now be beginning their summer show.


Don't forget to deadhead. Not only will this lengthen the display, but you can also control the flowering time of some plants. For example, if you're going on holiday, do all your deadheading right before you go, and you'll come home to fresh blooms.

Here's our advice on how to deadhead different types of plants.

Discover five stunning summer perennials for June, below.

Quintessential summer border plants, lupins (lupinus) are ideal summer perennials for June.


Quintessential summer border plants, lupins (lupinus) are ideal summer perennials for June. The should be in flower from May to July, so keep on deadheading them to encourage repeat flowering.

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Tall-spired, pink/yellow and purple lupin flowers


Commonly known as mullein, verbascums are tall, architectural plants, mostly available in number of colours. 'Violetta' is gorgeous, rich purple cultivar, while the blooms of 'Cotswold Queen' are a warm yellow.

Orange verbascum
Dusky-orange verbascums


Despite having a rather Mediterranean feel about them, most euphorbias are thoroughly robust plants. Full sun is ideal, though some, like Euphorbia x martini, will enjoy a degree of shade.

Euphorbia ceratocarpa
Lime-green euphorbias


With their ravishing, fragranced blooms, peonies look just as good in the garden, as they do when you snip a few flowers to fill a vase. 'Pink Hawaiian Coral' (pictured) is a lovely cultivar flushed with pink. Here are 10 more peonies to grow.

Pink peony
'Pink Hawaiian Coral' peony bloom


Not all heleniums will begin flowering in June, so choose a variety such as 'Rauchtopas' or 'Moerheim Beauty' that will flower in June. Here are eight dazzling border daisies to grow.

Orange heleniums
Orange heleniums