Flower shows like Chelsea, Hampton Court and Malvern are full to the brim with ideas to take home and try in your own garden.


While the top garden designers spend months perfecting dreamy plant combinations, we've done the hard work for you, combing through plant combinations from flower shows like Chelsea, Malvern and Hampton Court. With summer stars like salvias, poppies and achillea, you can use the ideas we've picked to plant and create your own planting combinations.

Get planting now with our flower show planting ideas for June colour, below.

Nepeta, geraniums and phalaris

Wildlife-friendly gardens can look wonderful. Arrow-straight gardener’s garters provide a smart contrast to the soft, nectar-rich blend of powdery blue catmint and the white form of our native cranesbill.

The plants
Phalaris arundinaceavar. picta. H x S 60cm x 40cm. Care: cut out older stems in early summer.
Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’. H x S 60cm x 50cm. Care: trim back after flowering.
Geranium sanguineum ‘Album’. H x S 25cm x 30cm. Care: enjoys sun or shade.

White cranesbills and powdery-blue catmint with spiky upright gardener’s garters

Achillea and dianthus

The intensely vibrant flowers of this dainty pink are real show-stoppers, so put them centre stage and team with the calmer creamy yarrow.

The plants
Achillea ‘Taygetea’. H x S 60cm x 45cm. Care: likes sharply-drained soil in sun.
Dianthus cruentus. H x S 60cm x 15cm. Care: drought tolerant and hates winter wet.

Vivid pink dianthus flowers set against creamy yarrow and grasses

Salvias and astrantias

This dramatic pairing contrasts both form and colour, horizontal daisies of pale ivory astrantia make the perfect foil to the soaring spires of blue salvia. Take a look at our three tips for growing astrantias.

The plants
Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’. H x S 50cm x 30cm. Care: deadhead flowers as they fade.
Astrantia ‘Shaggy’. H x S 80cm x 35cm. Care: enjoys moist, but free-draining soil.

Ivory astrantia daisies mixed with blue salvia

Rodgersia and astilbe

The feathery plumes of this deep pink astilbe are set off by broad, bold rodgersia leaves in a handsome pairing for pond sides and bog gardens. Discover 10 plants to grow in bog gardens.

The plants
Rodgersia pinnata ‘Elegans’. H x S 100cm x 100cm. Care: moist soil in sun or shade.
Astilbe ‘Vision in Red’. H x S 60cm x 60cm. Care: keep moist, especially immediately after planting.

Deep-pink, feathery astilbe plumes set against broad leaves of rodgersia

Poppies and stipa

Create a miniature cornfield by sowing wildflowers such as corn poppies through a sea of soft, wispy grass. Both enjoy poor, dry soil so it’s the ideal solution for a tricky, drought-prone spot. If you like this planting style, you could also try creating a mini-meadow.

The plants
Papaver rhoeas. H x S 90cm x 30cm. Care: sow this annual in spring or autumn.
Stipa tenuissima. H x S 60cm x 30cm. Care: cut back in late spring.

Red corn poppies set in wispy grass

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