Clematis that flower in late summer, including Clematis viticella, Clematis jackmanii and Clematis texensis, are in Pruning Group 3. This means that they need regular pruning, in February or March - just cut back all of the stems to 30cm above ground.


Find out more about how to prune Group 3 clematis.

More on growing clematis:

Pruning regularly will ensure that you can enjoy flowers at eye level, rather than them all appearing towards the top of the plant. It will also prevent a tangled mass of stems.

Here are 10 beautiful Group 3 clematis to grow.


Clematis viticella 'Kiev'

Clematis 'Kiev' was bred in Ukraine and named after its capital city. It boasts dark green leaves and long stems bearing dark, velvety purple-red flowers with yellow filaments and purple anthers.


Clematis x durandii

Clematis x durandii bears deep blue, saucer shaped flowers. Unusually, it is a semi-climbing perennial that needs staking. Grow it as a border plant, trained up an obelisk or trellis, or in a container.


Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana'

Sometimes known as 'Princess of Wales', Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana' bears bright pink, tulip shaped flowers in summer.


Clematis viticella 'Emilia Plater'

A vigorous climber, Clematis viticella 'Emilia Plater' will quickly cover a large wall or fence; grow it up a sturdy obelisk or let it scramble through a tree.


Clematis viticella 'Entel'

Clematis viticella 'Entel' bears lots of medium-sized, pink flowers with wavy edges from July to September. Grow it up an obelisk in the border, or use it to cover a fence or wall.


Clematis viticella 'Etoile Violette'

This classic viticella clematis bears masses of purple flowers in July and August. It looks good scrambling over a fence, up a tree or through a rambling rose.


Clematis viticella 'Hanna'

Like many Viticella clematis, 'Hanna' has bell-shaped, nodding flowers. This free-flowering and vigorous climber reaches around 300cm in height.


Clematis viticella 'Jorma'

The flowers of Clematis viticella 'Jorma' are large, and deep purple-blue with yellow-green anthers. Grow it up a pergola or sturdy obelisk in a large herbaceous border, or as a companion to climbing and shrub roses.


Clematis viticella 'Kermesina'

Clematis viticella 'Kermesina' is a delightful old variety that bears rich red flowers from midsummer to early autumn. Some of the flowers early in the season may have green tips.


Clematis viticella 'Polish Spirit'

'Polish Spirit' bears rich purple-blue flowers from mid-summer to early autumn. It's a very vigorous climber, so give it plenty of space in which to spread.