Rhododendrons growing well in local gardens and blue hydrangeas in your area are just two signs that you may have acid soil in your garden.


To be sure about your soil type, it is best to test your soil.

Acid soil means that you can grow a wide range of plants - many flowers, fruit and veg thrive in acidic conditions. You can also get the best from acid soil by following our tips, below.

Grow acid-loving plants

There are many beautiful plants that thrive in acid soil, including magnolias, heathers and camellias. Discover 10 acid-loving plants to grow.


Mulch regularly

Mulch your soil regularly - acid soils can be thin and lack nutrients. Use leaf mould, bark chippings, pine needles, ericaceous compost or garden compost.

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Avoid using tap water

Tap water is alkaline, so when watering the garden, avoid using tap water (which tends to be alkaline) and use rainwater from a water butt instead.


Grow acid-loving fruit and veg

Some fruits will only grow in acid soil, including blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries and bilberries. Most veg will grow in acid soil, apart from brassicas. If you want to grow these, add lime to the soil, or grow them in a raised bed using imported topsoil.


Make acid soil more alkaline

If you want to make your soil more alkaline, add lime or mushroom compost, which is lime-rich.