Hybrid tea roses are known for their diversity of flower colours and large, 'pointed' blooms.


In form, they tend to be short, upright plants and while not particularly bushy, are sure to impress in the border with their large, often scented flowers. They're ideal for formal gardens and cut flower gardens.

To keep any rose looking good, make sure you follow our advice on looking after roses in autumn and these tips on growing better roses.

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Discover seven of our favourite hybrid tea roses.

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'Lynda Bellingham'

Rosa 'Lynda Bellingham'

'Lynda Bellingham' has warm peach-pink blooms with a rich, spicy aroma. A compact and sturdy cultivar.

Height x spread: 80cm x 70cm.


Rosa 'Nostalgia'

Rosa 'Nostalgia' has creamy blooms with petals that are fringed with a bright, plummy red. The blooms are complemented by reddish new growth and glossy foliage. Slight fragrance.

H x S: 45cm x 45cm.

'Buxom Beauty'

Rosa 'Buxom Beauty'

'Buxom Beauty' is a tall-growing cultivar with deep green leaves and good disease resistance. The fuchsia pink flowers have a strong fragrance.

H x S: 1.2m x 1m.


Rosa 'Eloise'

Delicately scented 'Eloise' has warm salmon coloured blooms set against glossy leaves. This variety can be trained to grow up a wall or trellis, as well as in a border.

H x S: 90cm x 60cm.

'Silver Shadow'

Rosa 'Silver Shadow'

'Silver Shadow' has large, smoky-mauve flowers that have a lovely fragrance. Growth is strong and bushy.

H x S: 1m x 1m.

'Diamond Days'

Rosa 'Diamond Days'

Rosa 'Diamond Days' is a lovely hybrid tea rose with pale, yellow-white blooms that have a citrusy fragrance. With its upright, bushy growth, it's a good choice for herbaceous borders.

H x S: 80cm x 60cm.

'Special Anniversary'

Rosa 'Special Anniversary'

This exquisite cultivar has deep pink flowers that have a rich fragrance. They're all the more vibrant with the backdrop of glossy green leaves. As a relatively compact cultivar, 'Special Anniversary' is suited to small gardens.


H x S: 45cm x 60cm.

Deadhead regularly

Regular deadheading is imperative to ensure your roses keep flowering for as long as possible. On healthy stems just remove the old flowerheads, but if the flowers are held on a weak, spindly stem, it's worth pruning the whole stem out to encourge fresh, vigorous growth.