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Monty Don and his dog in Longmeadow in autumn

Longmeadow in autumn - Subscriber Club exclusive

Published: Saturday, 7 September, 2019 at 2:17 pm

Go behind the scenes at Longmeadow with Monty Don, in this exclusive video tour.

With another series of Gardeners’ World complete, join Monty Don as he gives Subscriber Club members a behind-the-scenes look at Longmeadow in autumn.


Monty explains how, 25 years ago, he set about transforming an “empty field” into the garden we know and love today. Using a garden plan, he reveals how the separate zones combine to make one coherent whole.

Monty's tour begins in a new area for herbs, topiary and box, before reaching the Lime Walk, his daily route into the main garden. Then he explains how, with the addition of ornamentals, the original veg garden evolved into the Cottage Garden. Next comes the Long Walk, a "staging post before the intensity of the Jewel Garden".

An area of hazel coppice leads to the Veg Garden, the “centre of food production”. After showing us a terraced space for container displays and fragrant plants, Monty pauses to inspect the grass borders. With Nigel and Nell in tow, he finishes the tour by returning to the Jewel Garden, the “spiritual core” of Longmeadow.


Watch now for your guided tour of Longmeadow in autumn.


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