Nine Late Tulips to Grow

Nine late tulips to grow

We highlight some of the tulips that look their best in late spring.

Nothing packs a punch in the garden quite like tulips. They look wonderful planted en masse in borders and pots and you can ring the colour changes every year.


It can be tricky to plan your tulip displays, as they flower at different times – some flower in early spring, in April, while some flower in late April and May. If you grow a mix of early and late varieties, you will enjoy flowers for many weeks. Alternatively, grow varieties that flower at the same time for a one-off stunning display.

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To help you decide, here are nine late tulips to grow. Grow them singly, or mix and match them together.

If you grow a mix of early and late varieties, you will enjoy flowers for many weeks.


Tulipa ‘Angelique’

‘Angelique’ is a double late or ‘peony’ tulip with baby pink blooms that has the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Protect from heavy winds.



Tulipa ‘Ballerina’

‘Ballerina’ has bright orange flowers with a delicate fragrance. It looks especially good in pots, or with dark-leaved plants.



Tulipa ‘Cafe Noir’

‘Cafe Noir’ has elegant, dark maroon flowers. It looks good planted with white-flowered varieties such as ‘White Triumphator’, or clashing with bright pink flowers of ‘Don Quichotte’ or the orange blooms of ‘Ballerina’.



Tulipa ‘Dolls Minuet’

‘Doll’s Minuet’ is a tall, slender tulip with lily-shaped flowers. The petals are a deep crimson, with purple and green at the base.



Tulipa ‘Don Quichotte’

‘Don Quichotte’ has lipstick pink flowers and strong stems, making it ideal for cutting. It looks good with white or dark-flowered tulips.



Tulipa ‘Flaming Spring Green’

‘Flaming Spring Green’ has stunning creamy-white flowers with green and red streaks. It goes well with red tulips and the green and white Tulipa ‘Spring Green’.



Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’

‘Queen of Night’ has very dark blooms, making it the darkest tulip you can buy. Grow it with pale white or pink tulips for the best effect.



Tulipa ‘White Triumphator’

‘White Triumphator’ is a stunning, pure white tulip with goblet shaped flowers. Grow it with another white variety, as shown here, or with red, pink or maroon varieties. A ‘Triumph’ tulip, its stems are resistant to winds.

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Tulipa ‘Bruine Wimpel’

This single late variety is a gorgeous combination of dusky purple and brown. It’s growing here in a loose arrangement with camassias. A scattering of forget-me-nots completes the trio.


Replant tulips every year

Many tulip varieties do not come up reliably every year, so for the best displays, replant every autumn.

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