Houseplants for windowsills - Pilea peperomiodes

Pilea peperomiodes

Chinese money plant

  • Botanical name: Pilea peperomiodes
  • Common name: Chinese money plant
  • Family: Urticaceae
  • Plant Type: House plant, Evergreen
Foliage colour:


Also known as the Chinese money plant, this sought-after houseplant has eye-catching round, lily-pad like leaves and a mounded shape. 


Pilea peperomiodes likes a bright spot, out of direct sunshine. It also likes humidity, so is a good choice for a kitchen or bathroom; otherwise it will appreciate having its leaves misted occasionally. Allow the compost to dry out a little before watering – it hates sitting in wet compost. Feed every couple of weeks in spring and summer. Wipe the leaves occasionally to keep them dust-free and shiny.


Pilea peperomiodes is very easy to propagate from cuttings, but can be hard to track down in garden centres – try buying online or begging a cutting from a friend. 

How to grow Pilea peperomiodes

  • Plant size

    30cm height

    30cm spread

  • Sun exposure: Dappled shade, partial shade

Pilea peperomiodes and wildlife

Pilea peperomiodes has no particular known value to wildlife in the UK.

Is Pilea peperomiodes poisonous?

Pilea peperomiodes has no toxic effects reported.

No reported toxicity to:

No reported toxicity to Birds

No reported toxicity to Cats

No reported toxicity to Dogs

No reported toxicity to Horses

No reported toxicity to Livestock

No reported toxicity to People

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