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Plants to propagate by layering

Published: Wednesday, 12 September, 2018 at 3:23 pm

Take a look at some of the garden favourites you can propagate by layering, in autumn.

Layering is a simple form of propagation which involves bending a shoot down to soil level and encouraging it to root.


You can layer evergreens and deciduous plants, and it's an easy, yet underused technique.

Discover which plants to propagate by layering, below.

Clematis (hybrids)

Clematis are really invaluable in the garden, whether it's for providing vertical interest in borders or covering a shed or wall. Boost your stock to save money and get more of these beautiful plants. If you need more persuading, take a look at 10 pretty summer clematis to grow.



Gorgeously scented and a hit with pollinators, it's hard to have too much honeysuckle in the garden. When layering them, select pliable stems from this year's growth that will reach the ground with more stem to spare.



A favourite plant choice for covering wall faces and pergolas, wisteria is easy to propagate from layering too. You could root stems directly into the soil, but layering into a pot instead saves time spent on potting up rooted stems, later on.



Camellias ramp up the colour in the garden when it needs it most. Camellias also respond well to air layering, wherein the rooting medium is in the air, rather than in the ground or in a pot.



You can't take cuttings from rhododendrons, so layering offers an alternative route to getting new plants for free. Here's full step-by-step advice on how to propagate rhododendrons by layering.



Viburnums are simple to propagate by layering. In fact, they'll often do this themselves with little encouragement. Viburnums you could propagate in this way include Viburnum tinus, Viburnum x bodnantense and Viburnum plicatum.


Star jasmine

Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is a superb all-rounder – evergreen foliage, scented flowers and easy to grow. Layer into a pot, then once rooted, grow on to be planted out in the garden.


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