Every garden should have its fair share of shrubs, so it's only right that they look the part.


If it's some everlasting structure and colour you're after, then consider an evergreen plant for shade – it's easy to propagate evergreen shrubs, too. Want maximum blooms? Here's how to prune shrubs for more flowers.

Discover five gorgeous shrubs that look good in June, below.


Pictured is Lavatera maritima, which has white blooms flushed in the centre with a rich purple-pink. Other tree mallows will also be coming into bloom now, including 'Barnsley' and 'Rosea'.

Lavatera maritima
White and purple lavatera blooms


By June, deutzia should be awash with starry blooms. They flower on growth from the previous year, so be sure to prune them immediately after flowering to encourage plenty of new growth, which will produce next year's flowers. Here are seven shrubs to prune after flowering.

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Pink deutzia
Starry, pink deutzias


Every garden should have philadelphus, or mock orange, for their heady scent alone. Philadelphus 'Lemoinei' is said to be the most highly fragranced mock orange. As with deutzias, prune right after flowering.

Philadelphus maculatus
White-blooming mock orange


Most hebe species and cultivars will be flowering in June. This includes the more familiar cultivars like 'Paula' and 'Nicola's Blush', as well as those more novel like Hebe cupressoides 'Boughton Dome' (pictured).

Hebe cupressoides
Small, lilac-white flowers of hebe 'Boughton Dome'


Ever reliable, most roses should flower from May and June onwards. Keep deadheading to encourage repeat flushes of the blooms.

Pink roses
Bright-pink roses

Philadelphus: nine of the best

  • Philadelphus 'Frosty Morn': bush and compact, intense scent, double white flowers
  • Philadelphus 'Virginal': very fragrant, large double white flowers, a large shrub
  • Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile': very hardy, arching growth habit, fragrant single flowers
  • Philadelphus 'Lemoinei': extremely fragrant, single white flowers with lemon-yellow stamens, very hardy
  • Philadelphus 'Manteau d'Hermine': compact, intense fragrance, double creamy-white flowers
  • Philadelphus 'Starbright': purple tinted new growth, large single flowers, fragrant
  • Philadelphus 'Snowstorm': very hardy, scented white double flowers, vigorous grower
  • Philadelphus 'Mont Blanc': white single flowers, intense fragrance, very hardy
  • Philadelphus 'Mexican Jewel': white single flowers, intense fragrance, needs a sheltered spot