Strawberry planter

The best containers for strawberries

We tested six different containers for strawberries, from growing bags to window boxes, to see how they compared. Here's what we found.

Strawberries thrive in containers, so you can squeeze them into the tiniest spaces. This means that anyone can grow them – on a balcony, windowsill or even in a hanging basket.


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By growing strawberries in pots you can provide the perfect conditions – rich, fertile soil and a sunny position, and when the flowering season approaches you can move your pots to the sunniest spot. Bear in mind that whatever the type of container, it will need regular watering and feeding as the plants are growing in a limited amount of compost.

Find out which container is right for your garden.

Strawberries thrive in containers, so you can squeeze them into the tiniest spaces. 

Growing bag

Size: 95cm x 35cm (33 litres)

Number of plants: 6

Advantages: Cheap, and contains slow-release food that will last six weeks. 

Things to consider: It takes up quite a lot of floor space. Raise it up to keep fruit away from slugs. Not the most attractive option.


Strawberry planter

Size: 35cm x 35cm

Number of plants: 8

Advantages: They look attractive and a good-sized pot holds plenty of plants. These also produced the highest yield in our trial.

Things to consider: Planting pockets can be prone to drying out.


Pop up trug on legs

Size: 60cm x 35cm x 25cm; height 80cm

Number of plants: 8

Why choose: Great for a small space and practical if you find bending difficult. 

Things to consider: Doesn’t hold water well. May be unstable in a windy spot.


Hanging basket

Size: 40cm diameter

Number of plants: 6

Advantages: An interesting change to a traditional hanging basket, and fruit is kept away from slugs.

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Terracotta pot

Size: 25cm x 25cm

Number of plants: 3

Advantages: This size of pot is perfect for a patio or step.

Things to consider: This gives the smallest crop so plant several for a higher yield. Terracotta pots dry out quickly.


Window box

Size: 60cm x 15cm x 18cm

Number of plants: 4

Why choose: A slim, compact shape for a windowsill or a balcony.


Things to consider: You’ll get a small crop – so if you can, grow several.