Rambling roses put on a spectacular display in midsummer, bearing clusters of mostly small- to medium-sized flowers, often followed by red or orange hips in autumn.


Most ramblers are vigorous growers, making them ideal for covering unsightly buildings, sheds, pergolas and walls. They can even be grown through a large tree or used to support other climbers such as Clematis viticella. The less rampant varieties are good for growing up rose arches or up a trellis against a wall.

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Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate'

Rambling rose, 'Kiftsgate'

Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate' is a stunning rose that bears masses of small, creamy white, musk-scented flowers in midsummer. They are followed by red, oval hips in autumn. A very vigorous rose that can grow very large.

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Height x Spread: 10m x 6m


Rosa 'Wedding Day'

Rambling rose, 'Wedding Day'

'Wedding Day' is a vigorous rambling rose that bears large clusters of scented, creamy white flowers with bright yellow stamens that age to pink. The stems are relatively thornless.

H x S: 8m x 4m


Rosa 'The Albrighton Rambler'

Rambling rose 'The Albrighton Rambler'

Unusually for a rambler, 'Rosa 'The Albrighton Rambler' repeat flowers well. It also has double flowers. Less vigorous than many ramblers, it's ideal for smaller gardens.

H x S: 3.5m x 2m


Rosa 'Rambling Rector'

Rambling rose 'Rambling Rector'

'Rambling Rector' is an extremely vigorous rambler, bearing large clusters of scented, semi-double, creamy-white flowers all summer. These are followed by small red hips. It's more tolerant of shade than many roses.

H x S: 6m x 2m


Rosa 'Kew Rambler'

Rambling rose 'Kew Rambler'

Rosa 'Kew Rambler' has masses of pink flowers with a white centre, resembling wild roses. The flowers, borne in trusses, have a strong, musk scent, and are followed by orange hips in autumn. It's more tolerant of shade than many roses.

H x S: 6m x 6m


Rosa 'Super Fairy'

Rambling rose 'Super Fairy'

Rosa 'Super Fairy' is a gently rambling rose, bearing clusters of fully double, pink flowers. It's less vigorous than many rambling roses, making it ideal for growing up an arch or trellis against a wall.

H x S: 3m x 2m


Rosa 'Albertine'

Rambling rose 'Albertine'

Rosa 'Albertine' is a popular rambler, bearing coppery pink, highly scented flowers in summer. It's a vigorous variety and makes an excellent cut flower.

H x S: 5m x 3m


Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'

Rambling rose 'Lutea'

Rosa banksiae 'Lutea' flowers earlier than other ramblers, in April or May. It's a vigorous, thornless rambler with small, glossy toothed leaves and hanging sprays of pale yellow, double flowers that have a light fragrance.

H x S: 12m x 4m


Rosa ‘Félicité Perpétue’

Rambling rose ‘Félicité Perpétue’
Rambling rose ‘Félicité Perpétue’

Rosa ‘Félicité Perpétue’ has a vigorous growth habit and double, creamy pink flowers with a delicate scent similar to primroses. Attractive orange-red hips appear in autumn.

H x S: 8m x 4m


Rosa 'Lady of the Lake'

Rambling rose 'Lady of the Lake'
Rambling rose 'The Lady of the Lake'

Rosa ‘The Lady of the Lake’ is a stunning rambling rose, bearing sprays of small, semi-double, blush-pink flowers with a rich fragrance. Unlike many ramblers, it repeat flowers. It also tolerates shade and has good disease resistance.

H x S: 4m x 4m