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Vegetable seeds to sow in October

Keep the harvests coming right into winter and next year too, with our pick of veg seeds to sow in October.

With the arrival of October, you can look forward to next year’s harvests by sowing some tasty vegetables now.


This can be a chilly time for seedlings, so be prepared to protect your sowings in a cold frame or greenhouse. For quick tips on frost protection, take a look at our advice on quick ways to protect plants.

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Discover five vegetable seeds to sow in October, below.

At this time of year, you can be making successional sowings of tasty lettuces.


For an early crop of tasty peas, sow overwintering cultivars like ‘Avola’, in a sheltered spot. Watch out for mice and consider bought or homemade cloches to provide extra protection.

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Salad mixes

Salad mixes are one of easiest crops to grow. Sown in autumn, they’ll grow quickly to provide fresh pickings. If growing outside, protect them with a sturdy cloche. They’re ideal for pots and containers on the windowsill, too. Here’s how to create your own salad mix to sow.



At this time of year, you can be making successional sowings of hardy lettuces. At this point, you want to begin sowing overwintering varieties like ‘Winter Gem’ outdoors. Take a look at more of the best space-saving veg crops.

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Broad beans

You can boost next year’s harvest of broad beans by sowing some in October and November, in addition to winter and spring sowings. Here’s Monty Don’s advice on how to sow broad beans.

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Early-summer cropping cauliflower cultivars like ‘Snowball’ can be sown now in cold frames to overwinter. Here’s how to plant out cauliflowers in spring, when the time arrives.


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