Pink hyacinths growing indoors

Winter-flowering bulbs for December

Check out five of our favourite bulbs flowering in December, including blooms for Christmas scent.

Despite the nip in the air, you can still find beautiful bulbs flowering in December.


To enjoy colour and scent indoors, forced bulbs like hyacinths and amaryllis are ideal. They’ll be available to buy in many garden centres, but you can also force the bulbs yourself. Take a look at nine bulbs to force in autumn, for Christmas flowers.

Outdoors there are bulbs flowering, too, including Cyclamen coum. For pot and container ideas using cyclamens, check out our cyclamen pot projects.

Discover five of the best winter-flowering bulbs for December, below.

To enjoy colour and scent indoors, forced bulbs like hyacinths and amaryllis are ideal.

Paperwhite narcissi

These elegant flowers will fill the room with their fragrance. You can buy them at most garden centres, or force the bulbs yourself. Here’s how to use paperwhite narcissi in a Christmas daffodil pot display.



Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are a Christmas classic. Large bulbs produce equally large trumpet-shaped flowers. View some of the varieties you can grow in our Plant Finder.


Cyclamen coum

Hardy cyclamen, Cyclamen coum, are a welcome sight as the flowers push up through the soil in the middle of winter. Other December-flowering favourites include Christmas box, Viburnum tinus and winter honeysuckle.



Outdoors, crocuses usually emerge in January and February, but they’re simple to force in autumn to provide indoor blooms for December. The bulbs need chilling for eight to 10 weeks, so start this process in late September for flowers in December.



Colourful and richly perfumed, there are plenty of reasons to grow hyacinths. Buy them at your local florists or garden centre, or watch our video on how to force your own hyacinths for Christmas.