Listen up as Alan Titchmarsh, Kate Bradbury and the team at Gardeners' World share some of their garden favourites. From plants for vibrant winter flowers, to the best Christmas gifts for gardeners and wildlife to spot in your garden this winter.


Episode 13 – Kevin Smith's favourite greenhouse plants for winter

A greenhouse is not just for Summer! BBC Gardeners' World magazine editor Kevin Smith talks all about his favourite ways to get the most out of his greenhouse all year round.

Episode 12 – Lily Middleton's favourite winter trees

From conifers to oaks, Gardeners World Content Creator Lily Middleton shares her favourite winter trees to add to your garden or just to look out for during a winter stroll.

Episode 11 – David Hurrion's favourite plants for a wet winter or a dry summer

Beat climate change by choosing plants that can tolerate wet winters and dry summers. David Hurrion picks his top five beautiful-but-tough weatherproof favourites,

Episode 10 – Catherine Mansley favourite evergreens

Don't dismiss evergreens as dull and boring. Digital Editor Catherine Mansley shares her favourite evergreen plants that offer colour and excitement in the winter months, as well as providing year-round structure.

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Episode nine – Kate Bradbury's favourite winter birds

Enjoy the antics of garden birds this winter! From starlings, sparrows and blackbirds to all sorts of exciting migrant species, wildlife expert Kate Bradbury describes the stars of her winter garden and how to look after them.

Episode eight – Adam Duxbury's favourite flowering house plants

Too cold to be out in the garden? Discover a world of flowering houseplants with GW Magazine's Commissioning Editor Adam Duxbury as he shares his favourite indoor plants to lift the gloom.

Episode seven – Lily Middleton's favourite plants for winter decoration

Gardeners' World Content Creator Lily Middleton shares her favourite ways to bring the outside in and lift the spirits in the cool winter months.

Episode six – Kevin Smith's favourite winter gardens to visit

Don't get stuck indoors this winter! Step outside to enjoy snowdrops in flower. BBC Gardeners' World magazine editor Kevin Smith explains their timeless appeal, and shares his favourite snowdrop collection to visit.

Episode five – Alan Titchmarsh's favourite gifts for gardeners

Alan Titchmarsh shares his Christmas gift ideas for gardeners – avoiding novelties for items they’ll actually use, from storage solutions to plants, books and other handy must-have items.

Episode four – Catherine Mansley's plants for winter flowers

There may not be much in flower right now, but plants with winter blooms are all the more precious and their fragrance more sweet.

Episode three – Adam Duxbury's favourite winter container plants

Keep gardening well into winter by creating beautiful displays of cheering plants in pots.

Episode two - David Hurrion's favourite plants for winter scent

Fill your garden with fragrance this winter using flowering shrubs, trees and perennials for scent. David Hurrion shares his favourite plants and where to grow them for a blast of aromatic sunshine right when you need it most

Episode one – Alan Titchmarsh's favourite gardening books


A gardening book makes the perfect Christmas gift. Alan Titchmarsh shares some favourite reads from his gardening bookshelf, including coffee table tomes, fact and fiction.