Kathryn Rossiter - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine Podcast

Gardening as therapy

From boosting your mood to helping your dexterity, gardening is good for you. Kathryn Rossiter, from the gardening health charity Thrive, explains all

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine podcast – Episode 3

Whether it’s improving your physical health, or helping your mental well-being, gardening is good for you. Kathryn Rossiter, chief executive of the garden health charity Thrive, shares why doing just a little in the garden can help a lot in so many ways. Plus she explains why social and therapeutic horticulture programmes are vital in helping people from all walks of life as they battle wide and varied health conditions. We also chat to Imogen, who’s been helped by Thrive, to hear first-hand how gardening has changed her life for the better.


Listen to this conversation between Kathryn and Kevin Smith, deputy editor of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine from Thursday 10 December, 2020:

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