Would you like to make simple changes in the garden and be one step closer to becoming a sustainable gardener? Do you consider your garden as an essential part of the ecosystem, as well as a place of beauty, productivity and respite?


This time on the podcast, gardener, author, environmentalist, and Gardeners’ World presenter Frances Tophill, shares her vision of modern gardening. Whether it’s living seasonally, using the garden as a resource for home makes, or landscaping with wildlife in mind, in her new book, The Modern Gardener, Frances urges us all to start seeing our gardens as valuable patches of wilderness.

It's something Frances carries through to her show garden as this year’s Gardeners’ World Live, too. With sustainability at the core, Frances brings her passion for upcycle gardening, with a post-industrial show garden for a modern world. Think naturalistic planting and rewilded areas to support wildlife.

Here, Frances chats to BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine’s Content Coordinator, Lucy Felton, about delicious hedgerow recipes, edible houseplants, agroforestry, vegan gardening and why it’s important to question the provenance of the things we bring into the garden. Listen on, for advice on growing herbs and weeds for medicinal purposes, how to forage for kitchen recipes, ways to save space when growing veg and why no-dig gardening is not only beneficial to the structure of your soil, but important for the wildlife that lives within it, too.

Listen now:

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