In this 10-part series of short and sweet podcasts, Alan Titchmarsh reflects on life in the garden – from ways to be thrifty, to the importance of having a good shed, and tricks for getting kids into gardening. Enjoy new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.


Episode ten: Being optimistic

Who knows what the new year ahead will hold in store, but Alan Titchmarsh reflects on how the weather will keep us on our toes.

Episode nine: Being patient

We all find it difficult to be patient at times, but Alan Titchmarsh shares why it's worth the effort when it comes to gardening.

Episode eight: Festive books

With Christmas around the corner, Alan Titchmarsh shares his favourite books to get you in the festive spirit.

Episode seven: Christmas gifts

Just what do you buy the gardener who has everything for Christmas? Alan Titchmarsh shares his festive gift wishlist.

Episode six: Being thrifty

What are the best ways to be thrifty when gardening? Alan Titchmarsh shares his top tips for making the pounds go further.

Episode five: Kids and gardening

Just how do you get kids interested in gardening? Alan Titchmarsh, now a grandfather, reveals the secrets he's gleaned over the years.

Episode four: Language

How important is it to pronounce things properly? Alan Titchmarsh explores the way we all say our plant names...

Episode three: Chickens

Don't be fooled by chickens, says Alan Titchmarsh, particularly if moorhens are on the scene.

Episode two: Sheds

Alan Titchmarsh reveals the importance of the humble garden shed and why his is home to a cuckoo clock.

Episode one: Using our gardens

Alan Titchmarsh reflects on why gardens are about so much more than gardening.

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