October sees the arrival of colder weather and often the first frosts, as we move towards the season of dark evenings, woolly jumpers and thick, warming soups. Much of the work in the garden this month involves clearing away and preparing for the winter. Tender perennials need to be lifted and potted up, so they can be protected over winter, and summer bedding displays are ready to be composted. Apples, grapes and autumn raspberries are still in season, but any remaining tender crops, such as tomatoes, courgettes and peppers, should be harvested before frosts begin.


In this collection of clips from BBC Gardeners’ World, Monty shares his advice on jobs to do now, including harvesting the last of the tomatoes, preparing leaf mould and pruning climbing roses. He also plants tulips in containers for vibrant displays next spring.

More advice from Monty:

Pruning climbing roses

Monty explains how to tell the difference between climbing and rambling roses, and how to prune them. He demonstrates how he prunes his climbing tea rose, Rosa 'Madame Caroline Testout', to encourage good flowering next year.

Removing tomato plants

Monty picks his fully-grown green tomatoes before disposing of the tomato plants, in this BBC Gardeners' World clip. He plans to ripen the tomatoes indoors or add them to chutneys, and use the greenhouse space for other crops such as rocket and mustard.

Making leaf mould

Leaf mould is a precious resource in the garden. It is superb as a mulch and makes a great addition to potting compost. In this clip, Monty explains how to make leaf mould and how he uses it in the garden.

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Planting tulips in pots

Monty plants tulips in containers to create vibrant displays for next spring. He explains when to plant them, what he puts in his potting mix, and what to look for in a good tulip bulb.