In this first of three subscriber-only video collections, David Hurrion sets out essential gardening skills. He begins with perhaps the most important aspect of your garden: the soil. Then, he runs through the basics of seed sowing and planting. To round off this first collection, David explains how to give your plants the best possible start, with his simple guide to planting properly.


Evaluating your soil

Understanding your soil is the secret to great gardening. Conduct a simple test to determine your soil type, with the help of David Hurrion's practical video demonstration.

Key topics:

  • The characteristics of heavy and light soils
  • A happy medium - the ideal soil texture
  • Testing your soil

Seed sowing

Sowing seed is easy, if you follow a few basic rules. Watch David Hurrion's video guide, in which he explains how to give your plants the best possible start.

Key topics:

  • Storing your seed
  • Choosing the right compost
  • Preparing your pot
  • Successful sowing

Pricking out and thinning seedlings

Give your seedlings the best chance of success, with the help of this video guide from David Hurrion. He demonstrates how to thin crowded shoots and how to prick them out, for growing on.

Key topics:

  • Pricking out - top technique
  • Replanting your seedlings
  • How to thin congested growth

Basic planting

If your plants are to thrive, they need to be planted properly. Get it right, by following David Hurrion's simple video guide.

Key topics:

  • Preparing the planting hole
  • Preparing your plants
  • Correct planting depth
  • How to move and replant

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