In this third and final collection of exclusive videos, David Hurrion demystifies the basics of pruning. He also demonstrates two propagation techniques, dividing and layering, before discussing how to assess the health of your garden plants.


Pruning, trimming and deadheading

A regular trim, done properly, can greatly boost the health, vigour and flowering potential of your plants. David Hurrion shares some dos and don'ts, in this essential guide.

Key topics:

  • Clipping with confidence
  • Basic pruning technique
  • Deadheading - keep the flowers coming

Dividing plants

Herbaceous perennials can become congested over time. In this video, David shows how to give them a new lease of life by lifting and dividing.

Key topics:

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  • When to divide spring-flowering plants
  • Preparing to lift plants
  • Prising apart the root ball
  • Repositioning your divisions

David refers in this video to dividing spring-flowering plants in autumn. Many other plants, though, can be divided in spring - find out more here:

Layering plants

Layering is a technique for propagating shrubby, woody plants and fruit bushes. Learn two basic methods, with David Hurrion's how-to video.

Key topics:

  • Benefits of layering
  • Choosing the best propagation material
  • Basic layering technique
  • Serpentine layering

Assessing plant health

It pays to be vigilant in the garden. In this video, David Hurrion explains how to cultivate a keen eye, so you can determine the root cause of plant problems.

Key topics:

  • When is a problem not a problem?
  • How gardeners can unwittingly cause harm
  • A holistic view of pests

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