In this second of three exclusive video collections, David Hurrion explains how to save a small fortune by taking softwood cuttings from your garden plants. He also demonstrates how to thin out seedlings and how to encourage plants to grow in the way that you want, by pinching out, thinning and training on supports. Then, he runs through the correct technique for potting on plants into larger pots.


Pinching out, training and thinning plants

There are various ways to direct the growth of your plants. In this guide, David Hurrion runs through the whys and wherefores of pinching out, thinning growth and training it on supports.

Key topics:

  • The purpose of pinching out
  • Boosting growth by thinning out
  • Effective use of plant supports

Softwood cuttings

Growing plants from cuttings is a great way to boost your stocks and it can save you a small fortune. Make the correct cuts, with the help of David's easy-to-follow guide.

Key topics:

  • Choosing your cutting material
  • How to prepare cuttings
  • Using the right tools
  • The best compost for cuttings

Planting up into a larger pot

Young plants will often benefit from being moved up a pot size. Find out how to choose the right pot and the right compost, in this practical video.

Key topics:

  • Why pot plants on?
  • Select and prepare your growing media
  • Planting technique
  • Watering in

Watering your plants

As all gardeners know, water is a precious commodity. Find out how to use it wisely, without wasting a drop, in this practical video featuring David Hurrion.

Key topics:

  • When to water
  • The benefits of a water butt
  • Rain water vs. tap water
  • The pros and cons of containers
  • Optimal watering technique

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