Seed sowing can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow a few essential steps it's an easy process with rewarding results. Find out how to sow seed successfully with David Hurrion's masterclass.


Whether you're sowing veg or annuals these four videos will guide you through the basics to ensure your seeds germinate and develop into healthy seedlings that can be transplanted into the garden in the spring. In our four easy-to-follow videos, find out how to choose the right compost and create a potting mix that will ensure seed sowing success; learn how to sow seed in trays and pots; sow outdoors with confidence and discover how to prick out your seedlings.

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How to choose your compost

Step one is to use the right compost for your seeds. The key to success is starting your seeds off in the right medium. Watch David's video to find out how to create a compost mix that will give your seeds the best start and pick up some expert tips, including warming the compost before sowing your seeds and making sure that the compost is not compacted before you sow.

Sowing into pots and trays

Should you sow into a seed tray or pots? David Hurrion explains how to choose the right container for different sized seeds and the right techniques to aid germination, from avoiding compaction to how full to fill your containers for easy watering. Find out how much compost to add over the top of your seeds and the benefits of using small pots for larger seeds, such as squash.

How to sow outdoors

Many plants, such as hardy annuals, can be sown direct outdoors in the autumn or spring. Follow David's video guide to sowing outdoors, as he guides you through the process, from checking that the soil is warm enough for vegetable seeds to preparing the soil so that it's ready for seed sowing.

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