Kick off the festive season and get in touch with your creative side by making your own unique Christmas wreath and decorations, using natural materials straight from the garden, and save on the premium price-tag associated with pre-made living decorations.


In this series of videos from our GrowHow webinar classes, David Hurrion shares creative ideas, practical methods and techniques for making living Christmas displays using materials from your own plot. You'll discover the best foliage, twigs, berries and winter flowers to use from your garden and how to collect and condition your materials for indoor use, to make sure your living displays last.

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Part one: Choosing, harvesting and conditioning materials

First up, David is out in the garden, sourcing materials to use for his festive decorations. He explains some suitable plants to use, how best to collect materials, and basic pruning techniques to encourage healthy plant healing and re-growth.

Part two: Making a twisted stem wreath frame

Next, David shows how to make the frame from hazel stems, demonstrating how to keep stems secure and sturdy.

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Part three: Covering wreath frames with foliage

In part three, find out how to add foliage to a wreath frame to give it shape and volume.

Part four: Prepping and wiring materials


Now you've got your base coat in place - it's time to decorate. Here, David suggests some of the flowerheads, foliage and grasses he uses, and explains how to use florist wire to attach them.