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10 of the best garden gadgets

Make life a little easier with a handy garden gadget.

Help your gardening routine run a little more smoothly with one of these innovative gardening gadgets. The handy tools can do everything from automatically mowing your lawn to taking the guess work out of watering your plants.


We’ve curated some of our favourite garden gadgets to help you work more efficiently on all gardening tasks including growing, weeding, watering and more.

If you’re interested in more traditional methods, we’ve also got an essential gardening tools list so you’re ready to go with all the basics, plus more specific collections such as the best Japanese gardening tools.

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10 of the best gardening gadgets

Browse our selection of cool garden gadgets below:


Bosch Robotic Mower

Bosch Indego S+ 400
Bosch Indego S+ 400

Let the Bosch robotic mower do the hard work for you as it automatically cuts your grass. Internal technology allows it to map the lawn and cut efficiently and the SmartMowing function helps it avoid unfavourable weather conditions. It can even target tighter spaces, such as under patio furniture, and cut along edges for tidy borders. And everything is controlled from a handy app.

You can read the full Bosch Indego S+ 400 robotic mower review or you can see our round up of the best robotic lawn mowers for a range of reviewed models.

Price: £955.95

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Hozelock Thermal Weeder

Hozelock Thermal Weeder - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Hozelock Thermal Weeder

This handy garden gadget from Hozelock treats weeds with a thermal shock of up to 600 degrees to help you clear driveways and paths without chemicals. The shape of the weeder allows it to target weeds directly and destroy the plant cells in seconds. There’s also a protective shield to ensure precise treatment as well as a special function for BBQ lighting, should it be needed.

Price: £44.95

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Twine Cutter

Twine Cutter - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Twine Cutter

This unique twine cutter is a simple yet innovative garden gadget which is worn on your finger. The small, high carbon steel blade is polished for sharp and precise cutting and wearing it on your finger keeps your hands free for other tasks. The bright ring should also be easy to spot if you drop it in the grass.

Price: £1.99

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Gardena Smart Watering System

Gardena Smart Watering System - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Gardena Smart Watering System

This automatic irrigation system is a clever gardening gadget which can control the supply of water to your plants. The control set can trigger watering up to six times per day for between one minute and 10 hours. You can also select which days you want the water to be supplied and it’s compatible with Gardena’s Micro-Drip and Sprinkler systems.

Price: £270.99

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Fruit Press

Woodside Fruit Press - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Woodside Fruit Press

This fruit press by Woodside is constructed of quality wood and can be used to transform solid fruit into juice, wine or pulp. The traditional mechanism doesn’t require any electricity and it can be taken apart easily for cleaning. We also have a round up of more fruit and apple presses if you’re interested in other styles or crushers.

Price: £49.99

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Smart Indoor Growing Kit

Smart Indoor Growing Kit - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Smart Indoor Growing Kit

This smart indoor kit allows you to grow fresh herbs and vegetables indoors with LED lights creating the ideal conditions no matter what the weather’s like outside. Plant pods are included with the kit and you can choose from a selection of pre-seeded options such as lavender, basil and strawberries. There’s even a self-watering system included to make the growing process that little bit smoother.

Price: £95

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Swedish Hand Weeder

Swedish Hand Weeder - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Swedish Hand Weeder

This lightweight hand weeder allows you to work with one hand by gripping the centre and pulling the stainless steel loops through the ground. Ideal for confined spaces the tool allows you to work more closely in areas where a hoe or a similar tool wouldn’t be appropriate and the rounded edges should prevent seedlings from any incidental damage.

Price: £11

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Gardena Combisystem Fruit Harvester

Gardena Combisystem Fruit Harvester - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Gardena Combisystem Fruit Harvester

Gardena’s fruit collector is a barrel shaped cage that collects fallen fruit as it’s rolled along the ground. Part of the Combisystem range, the harvester fits any Gardena handle from the collection, making it interchangeable with the other tools you may have from the brand. A 25 year guarantee is included.
For further inspiration see our complete round up of fruit and apple pickers.

Price: £56.46

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Chilipulver Watering Sensor

Chilipulver Watering Sensor - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Chilipulver Watering Sensor

With busy lives it can be easy to let the small things slip your mind. This handy gardening gadget from Ikea makes sure watering your indoor plants isn’t one of them. Sit the sensor in your indoor plant pots and it monitors your plants, flashing blue to remind you when it’s time to water.

Price: £19.50

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Easy Fill Bag Loader

Easy Fill Bag Loader - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Easy Fill Bag Loader

This simple garden gadget transforms your average bin liner into a stand alone container so you can use both hands to tip in and collect any garden debris and leaves. Made from high quality polypropylene it prevents spiky or sharp prunings from puncturing the bag and can be reused time and time again.

Price: £15.99


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