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10 of the best watering cans for indoors and outdoors

What to look for in a watering can and our pick of the best.

There’s nothing more important than keeping your indoor plants fed, watered and well-cared for.


When you’re working in the garden, there are lots of handy bits of kit which can help make life a little easier. It might be having the best gardening shoes to stop you from slipping or a garden kneeler to keep your joints happy.

But, one of the most essential gardening tools you’ll need is the humble watering can. Despite its relative simplicity, there are variations from model to model and the one that’s best for you will depend on what you are planning to water and where.

Below, we explain what to look out for and share a suggested list of some of the best watering can options to choose from.

What to look for in a watering can

The type of watering can you need depends on the plants you’re caring for and where they are.
To water  plants growing outside in borders or large pots, you’ll ideally need a bigger watering can, with around a 10 litre capacity to help you water everything efficiently.

If you struggle to carry heavier watering cans choose a smaller option,  it will just mean more refills at the garden tap. Plastic cans are lighter than metal but you may prefer  a metal watering can for environmental or even aesthetic reasons.

If you’re caring for plants inside your home or greenhouse, you’re unlikely to need a watering can that’s too large and can with a capacity of around four litres should be enough. Indoor watering cans are more likely to be on show than those used in the garden and so are often designed with appearance in mind. There are lots of colours, materials and styles to choose from, with designs catering to personal aesthetics as well as practical need.

There are also a number of features to consider. A  watering can with a long spout is useful for watering high or tricky to reach spots such as hanging baskets and a watering can rose over the spout helps distribute a gentle spray of water that’s less likely to damage plants or disturb compost and is useful for watering seedlings and youngs plants. Roses come with different size holes so you can choose the spray to suit your plants. A universal rose tend to be made of rubber and should fit most cans, brass roses are crafted to fit individual watering cans.

10 of the best watering cans

Browse our curated list of indoor, outdoor, metal and plastic watering cans below;


Haws Bartley Burbler Plastic Watering Can

Haws Indoor Plastic Handy Watering Can

English gardening brand Haws has more than 100 years experience making watering cans. This green can is similar to their classic metal watering cans but made of recycled plastic so it’s light and easy to carry. The brass watering can rose on the spout helps distribute water lightly and evenly over plants and its small size is perfect for indoor and greenhouse use.

Price: £9.99

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Haws Warley Fall Galvanised Metal Watering Can

Haws Warley Fall Galvanised Metal Watering Can

Haws’ metal watering can is designed for long-lasting outdoor use and comes with a 10 year guarantee. It’s made from pre-galvanised steel for extra strength and the oval-shaped brass watering can rose is interchangeable with other Haws cans. The long reach spout is handy for watering borders, hanging baskets and any hard to reach spots.

Price: £71.99

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Personalised Watering Can

Personalised Watering Can

If you’re looking for gardening gift ideas, this watering can could be a great solution. There’s a choice of six colours and you can select your own text to appear on the side of the can. This model also features a long narrow spout, so it’s useful for watering amongst plants in the greenhouse and for reaching hanging baskets or pot plants in the home.

Price: £34

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Mini Yellow Earthenware Watering Can

Mini Yellow Earthenware Watering Can

This miniature watering can by Oliver Bonas is one to be kept firmly in view. The crackle-glazed earthenware can is beautifully designed and available in yellow, green or pink, depending on your décor. Petite and compact, this is one for indoor watering and would look at perfectly at home on the shelf with your potted plants.

Price: £19.50


Sankey Green Plastic Watering

Sankey Green Plastic Watering

With a 13 litre capacity, this Sankey watering can means business and is just what you need in a large garden. Made from lightweight plastic to compensate for the weight from the extra capacity it also has a watering can rose on the spout to provide targeted watering and ensure less waste.

Price: £14

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Steel Watering Can

Steel Watering Can

Constructed from steel, this metal watering can is hard-wearing and with a three litre capacity, shouldn’t be too heavy to carry around. Suitable for both indoor plants and pots outside the watering can rose is great for gentler watering of smaller, young plants too.

Price: £10

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Eva Solo Globe Watering Can

Eva Solo Globe Watering Can

This modern watering can has an almost futuristic feel, with a globe shaped body and adjustable pouring options. Twist the end of the spout and you can choose between a steady pour or a rose-like, lighter shower.  Made from a mix of stainless steel and plastic this watering can holds an impressive nine litres of water at a time.

Price: £49.95


Young Gardener Children’s Yellow Watering Can

Young Gardener Children’s Yellow Watering Can

When gardening with children, it always helps if they have their own kids’ gardening tools designed especially for them. This watering can is scaled down for little hands and has two fixed handles; one for pouring and one for carrying it around. It’s made from metal so it’s long lasting and kids age three and up can use it.

Price: £16.99

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Elho Brussels Watering Can

Elho Brussels Watering Can

Elho’s Brussels watering can is sleek and sophisticated. Made from plastic, it’s lightweight and ideal for indoor use and includes an extended spout for longer reach. The total capacity sits at 1.8 litres, so it’s great for smaller pots and plants in the greenhouse or home.

Price: £14.48

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Rhino Easi-Watering Can

Big Watering Can

An affordable watering can is designed to be manoeuvrable and easy to use, despite its 10 litre capacity. There are two ergonomically designed handles to make pouring and carrying easier and a detachable watering can rose, which clips over the fill port when not in use, to stop leaves,and wandering snails falling in.

Price: £12.95

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