No matter what size your outdoor space, with obelisks and plant supports, you can bring vertical elements to your garden, adding height, structure, and definition.


Obelisks are ideal for climbing plants throughout the garden, allowing them to grow upwards while being supported and without relying on walls and fences. They can add a different dimension to your landscaping and can become a real aesthetic feature. Plant supports can also help plants grow healthily and prevent herbaceous perennials from flopping over paths, lawns or their plant neighbours.

Below, we’ve curated a list of the best obelisks and other plant supports to help you make the most of all the climbing plants in your garden. For more inspiration, check out our guides to garden wall planters or garden screening ideas. And for other garden decorations, be inspired with our guide on the best unusual garden ornaments and the best garden lanterns.

The best plant supports and garden obelisks in 2023

From expanding willow to rusted steel browse our selection of garden obelisks and plant supports, below:

Garden Mile 2x Large 2M Black Metal Garden Obelisk

Garden Mile 2x Large 2M Black Metal Garden Obelisk - BBC Gardeners' World
Garden Mile 2x Large 2M Black Metal Garden Obelisk

These metal obelisks are perfect for more modern gardens, or those suited to more subtle support. With two obelisks per pack, this products offers easy symmetry and are great for those looking for inexpensive metal garden obelisks.

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Price: £26.99

Buy Garden Mile 2x Large 2M Black Metal Garden Obelisk at Amazon

Garden Pride 3x Round Grow Through Plant Support

Garden Pride 3x Round Grow Through Plant Support - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Garden Pride 3x Round Grow Through Plant Support

Support isn’t just for climbers. Herbaceous plants like delphiniums and heleniums can also be supported with a grow-through ring, giving support to their stems which soon disappears as they grow through and beyond it. With three in a pack, you can provide shape and support to clumps of flowers.

Price: £15.99

Buy Garden Pride 3x Round Grow Through Plant Support at Amazon

Tech-Garden 2x5m Plant Support Netting

Tech-Garden 2x5m Plant Support Netting - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Tech-Garden 2x5m Plant Support Netting

This clever twine net can support both productive and ornamental plants. Because it’s made out of jute, it’s completely biodegradable and, in the unfortunate event an animal gets caught in it, much easier for them to escape from than plastic.

Price: £9.99

Buy Tech-Garden 2x5m Plant Support Netting at Amazon

Short Circular Plant Support - Rust

Harrod Short Circular Plant Support - Rust - BBC Gardeners' World
Harrod Short Circular Plant Support - Rust

A beautiful statement plant support these come in a range of different heights and diameters to suit a whole host of different plants. Don’t be fooled by the rust finish - this sturdy steel support is built to last, with a 5-year guarantee.

Price: £34

Buy Harrod Short Circular Plant Support - Rust at Harrod Horticultural

Double Arc Plant Supports

Harrod Double Arc Plant Supports - BBC Gardeners' World
Harrod Double Arc Plant Supports

These half-supports give similar support to round rings, but can also sit flush with a garden wall, so they're great for top-heavy plants growing along boundaries. They can also be used to define borders and pathways.

Price: £21

Buy Double Arc Plant Supports at Harrod Horticultural

Woodland obelisk, 1.5m

Wooden Obelisk
Wooden Obelisk, 1.5m

This simple but sturdy obelisk is ideal for larger climbers and vertical growing, for example clematis and sweet peas. Made from a classic pine wood with a natural tan finish, it will look good in any garden space and provide the perfect growing spot for your plants.

Price: £44.99

Buy Wooden Obelisk at Crocus

Zest Snowdon garden obelisk

Zest Snowdon Garden Obelisk
Zest Snowdon Garden Obelisk

This elegant, lightly-coloured obelisk will suit any style of garden. Its durable pyramid design can be securely fixed into the ground or placed on flowerbeds and allow your climbing plants to reach new heights. With a long-life pressure-treated finish – and an FSC sustainability certification – this obelisk is built to last all year round.

Price: £59.99

Buy at Robert Dyas

Yaungel 2-piece coir support totem pole

Yaungel 2x Support Totem Pole
Yaungel 2x Support Totem Pole

Just the thing for anyone growing climbing house plants such as a Swiss cheese plant or Devil's ivy. These sustainable and biodegradable plant supports will help them scramble and grow without harm. There are two in a pack and they can be combined into one long pole for taller climbers, or you can use them on two different plants.

Price: £9.99

Buy Yaungel 2x Support Totem Pole at Amazon

What to grow on a garden obelisk?

Obelisks are a perfect way to elevate your garden’s aesthetics, while providing plants with optimal growing conditions and the potential to climb. There are a range of plants well-suited to growing on a garden obelisk, including the following:

Climbing roses: Transform your obelisk with an array of colourful climbing roses for a fragrant feature in the garden.

Clematis: Clematis plants are great for growing on your obelisk, with their twining stems and colourful blooms draping elegantly from the structure.

Sweet peas: Scented sweet peas are vigorous climbers and need support to thrive, so a garden obelisk is the ideal solution.

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle will weave beautifully around your obelisk, adding charm and delicious fragrance to your garden.

How to secure a garden obelisk

Once you have chosen your garden obelisk, it’s essential to secure it properly before growing your climbing plants. Below are various steps to follow to ensure it stands tall and stable:

  1. Find the right location: First things first, ensure you pick a secure spot in your garden to position your obelisk.
  2. Concrete anchoring: In your chosen spot, dig a hole at least two feet deep, fill it with concrete and place your obelisk’s base into it while wet. This will provide a sturdy structure.
  3. Metal anchoring: Screw metal ground anchors, such as spiral or auger-type stakes, into the ground firmly at the base of the obelisk. Fasten securely, making sure they are deep enough to ensure the plant’s stability.
  4. Lattice or trellis: Attach lattice or trellis to the sides of your obelisk to provide additional support to your climbing plants.
  5. Guy wires: For tall structures, or in extra windy conditions, consider attaching guy wires to the anchor points of your obelisk. These will prevent any unnecessary movement and disturbance.


This Product Guide was last updated in October 2023. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.