Garden arches are one of the simplest, yet most eye-catching ways to support climbing plants, bringing additional flowers and greenery to your outdoor space. While fences and walls are instantly improved by a flowering wisteria or well-maintained ivy, a garden arch offers the chance to introduce climbing plants anywhere in your garden, not just along the boundaries.


Arches are both decorative and functional – they can help to define paths, lead you through to different areas, create privacy screens, provide an entryway to a veg patch or simply be an attractive centrepiece of your outdoor space.

The range of materials, styles and added features means you can choose a garden arch to suit your specific requirements. Metal arches can provide an elegant but sturdy modern option, while wooden ones offer a robust, traditional feel. Some – especially wooden arches – can be painted to suit your style or colour scheme.

An arch gives you the opportunity to introduce lots more flowers to your garden, for an extra burst of colour and fragrance. Additional flowers can also provide vital nectar for pollinating insects. Arches with built-in planters let you grow climbers in areas with little or no soil, while arches with decorative designs can help improve the aesthetics of your garden before the climbers have even begun growing.

To help you choose the perfect arch for your garden, we’ve selected the eight best options from trusted manufacturers and retailers. These include various sizes, materials and prices to give you a range of options.

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The best garden arches in 2023

Our best garden arches to support your climbers:

Blooma Cottage Apex Top Softwood Arch

Blooma Cottage Apex Top Softwood Arch - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Blooma Cottage Apex Top Softwood Arch (B&Q)

This unfussy wooden garden arch is perfect for cottage gardens and gives a rustic, woodland look without pretension. Sturdy and robust the arch is perfect for heavier climbers like wisteria.

Price: £135

Buy Blooma Cottage Apex Top Softwood Arch at B&Q

Smart Garden Elegant Woodland Wooden Garden Arch

Credit: Amazon
Smart Garden Elegant Woodland Garden Arch (Amazon)

The trellis along the sides of this arch suits more delicate climbers such as jasmine and honeysuckle. The bowed top is graceful without compromising on stability.

Price: £79.99

Buy Smart Garden Elegant Woodland Wooden Garden Arch at Amazon

Round Arch

Crocus Round Arch - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Crocus Round Arch (Crocus)

This twist on a classic is perfect for modern or Scandinavian-style gardens. British-made, this strong arch gives the form and functionality of a more standard arch with a contemporary feel.

Price: £459.99

Buy the Round Arch at Crocus

Agriframes Wall Arch

Agriframes Wall Arch - BBC Gardeners' World
Agriframes Wall Arch (Agiframes)

This wall arch is a great way to bring a garden arch into a more cramped area of the garden. It’s fantastic for brightening up plain garden walls, or creating paths along them to lead to other areas of the garden.

Price: £152

Buy Agriframes Wall Arch at Agriframes

Agriframes Vine Arch

Credit: Pamonafruits
Agiframes Vine Arch (Pamona Fruits)

Perfect for amateur winemakers, this arch is designed to hold heavy grapevines. A clever way to introduce both decorative and productive grapes into the wider design of your garden, it's strong enough to also hold wisteria and rambler roses.

Price: £499.95

Buy Agriframes Vine Arch at Pamona Fruits

Relaxdays Rose Arch with Planters

Credit: Amazon
Rleaxday Rose Arch With Planters (Amazon)

This unusual arch is made from powder-coated iron and has planters at the base, ideal for showing off whichever pots you fancy. Weighing only 13kg, this arch is easy to lift and move around the garden if you fancy a change.

Price: £146.90

Buy Relaxdays Rose Arch with Planter at Amazon

Mercia Bow Top Wooden Garden Arch

Credit: Robert Dyas
Mercia Bow Top Wooden Garden Arch (Robert Dyas)

This simple wooden arch is perfect for sitting over a path or used as the centrepiece in a smaller garden. The frame comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee and its lattice design offers support for climbing plants.

Price: £109.99

Buy the Mercia Bow Top Wooden Garden Arch at Robert Dyas

Fiora Metal Garden Arch

Credit: Wayfair
Fiora Metal Garden Arch (Wayfair)

This arch is designed with a floral pattern, so even before your climbing plants start growing it provides a decorative addition to your outdoor space. The metal is rust-resistant and it weighs only 5kg, so the arch can be moved easily.

Price: £53.99

Buy the Fiora Metal Garden Arch at Wayfair

Where to put a garden arch?

Before buying your arch, it’s important to decide where you’re going to put it, so you choose the right size, shape and style. You also need to make sure it will fit comfortably in your space and won’t overcrowd neighbouring plants or structures. The key factors that can help you select the right location are the size of your garden, the aesthetic you want to create and the plants you wish to grow.

The size of your garden will affect the number of positioning options you have. If your space is small, then you may only be able to put the arch over a path or against a fence. You may also want an arch that isn’t overly tall or broad, to take up less space and not block too much light. With a larger garden you’ll have more options when it comes to positioning, and to ensure it has impact, you may prefer a taller, wider arch.

You probably already have a vision in mind of how you want the arch to enhance your garden, and this should help you position it. For example, if you want it to work as a focal point, then place it centrally or where it’s most easily seen. If you want to create an entryway to the rest of your outdoor space, site it at the point most frequently used to enter your garden. Maybe you want it as a privacy screen or to cheer up a pathway – in both cases consider where it will look and work best. Take some measurements too, so ensure the arch will fit your proposed space.

The final consideration is the plants you wish to grow on it. You should ensure the location receives the right amount of light for the plants you plan to grow. Have you always dreamed of an arch festooned in wisteria or clematis, or would you like to grow your own grapes? These plants all need a sunny spot, but if you prefer fragrant honeysuckle and star jasmine, then partial shade is best.


This review was last updated in August 2023. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.