A garden arch is one of the oldest and simplest ways of supporting plants. It can help to define paths and even entire areas of your garden. Garden arches draw the eye and can lead the way to quiet communal areas or reading nooks away from busy lawns or vegetable patches.


Garden arches are an inventive way of showing off climbing plants. While a red brick wall is instantly improved with a well-maintained ivy, and a plain wooden fence can be beautified with wisteria, an arch offers a chance to spread these beautiful climbers throughout your garden rather than just along the boundaries.

Metal arches are a slight but sturdy modern option, while wooden arches offer a robust and stately feel. Arches with planters can introduce the greenery of an arch to areas where soil is scarce.

At a stroke a garden arch can introduce scores of flowers. It can provide a burst of colour and fragrance and give vital support to pollinating insects.

Some arches - especially wooden ones - can be varnished and painted to better suit the style of your garden for a quick and easy DIY project.

Below is a list of arches from trusted manufacturers and retailers. It's varied across materials, price, and size to give you a range of options to decorate your garden.

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10 of the best garden arches

Find support for your climbers with our pick of garden arches, below:


Middleton Garden Arch with Gate

With its elegant steel gate, this arch is perfect for defining parts of your garden, perhaps for keeping children out of more delicate areas. It would also make an impressive welcome in front gardens. A practical but beautiful addition to any garden.

Price: £45

Buy Middle Garden Arch with Gate at Notonthehighstreet


Wilko 2.4m Garden Arch

Wilko 2.4m Garden Arch - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Wilko 2.4m Garden Arch

This large arch from Wilko is wonderfully simple. At just £10 it can bring the beauty and functionality of a garden arch to those on tighter budgets. Great for voracious climbers like rambling roses or sweet peas.

Price: £10

Buy Wilko 2.4m Garden Arch at Wilko


RHS Arch with Planters

RHS Arch with Planters -BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
RHS Arch with Planters

This arch from the Royal Horticultural Society also comes with planters, which mean it can be used in any part of the garden. However, its impressive size means this is an arch particularly suited to big country gardens.

Price: £370

Buy RHS Arch with Planters at Homebase


Blooma Cottage Apex Top Softwood Arch

Blooma Cottage Apex Top Softwood Arch - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Blooma Cottage Apex Top Softwood Arch

This unfussy wooden garden arch is perfect for cottage gardens and gives a rustic, woodland look without pretension. Sturdy and robust the arch is perfect for heavier climbers like wisteria.

Price: £95

Buy Blooma Cottage Apex Top Softwood Arch at B&Q


Smart Garden Elegant Woodland Wooden Garden Arch

Smart Garden Elegant Woodland Wooden Garden Arch - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Smart Garden Elegant Woodland Wooden Garden Arch

The trellis along the sides of this arch suits more delicate climbers such as jasmine and honeysuckle. The bowed top is graceful without compromising on stability.

Price: £80.01

Buy Smart Garden Elegant Woodland Wooden Garden Arch at Amazon


Parisian Arch

Crocus Parisian Arch - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Crocus Parisian Arch

Introduce Parisian elegance to your garden with this sleek metal garden arch. The latticed sides are perfect for climbers that need a little more support. The black metal frame would provide a particularly good contrast to bright roses.

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Price: £94.99

Buy the Parisian Arch at Crocus


Round Arch

Crocus Round Arch - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Crocus Round Arch

This twist on a classic is perfect for modern or Scandinavian-style gardens. British made, this strong arch gives the form and functionality of a more standard arch with a contemporary feel.

Price: £374.99

Buy the Round Arch at Crocus


Agriframes Wall Arch

Agriframes Wall Arch - BBC Gardeners' World
Agriframes Wall Arch

This wall arch is a great way to bring a garden arch into a more cramped area of the garden. It’s fantastic for brightening up plain garden walls, or creating paths along them to lead to other areas of the garden.

Price: £135

Buy Agriframes Wall Arch at Agriframes


Agriframes Vine Arch

Agriframes Vine Arch - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Agriframes Vine Arch

Perfect for amateur winemakers, this arch is designed to hold heavy grapevines. A clever way to introduce both decorative and productive grapes into the wider design of your garden, it's strong enough to also hold wisteria and rambler roses.

Price: £465

Buy Agriframes Vine Arch at Agriframes


Relaxdays Rose Arch with Planters

This unusual arch is made from powder coated iron and has planters at the base, ideal for showing off whichever pots you fancy. Weighing only 13kg, this arch is easy to lift and move around the garden if you fancy a change.

Price: £114.32


Buy Relaxdays Rose Arch with Planter at Amazon