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Modular Wooden Compost Bin

Modular Wooden Compost Bin review

A large and robust, traditional-style composter that's easy to assemble.

Our rating 
4.8 out of 5 star rating 4.8

In a nutshell

A BBC Gardener’s World Best Buy winner for the best larger composter, the Modular Wooden Compost Bin is a durable and easy to use type of the ever-popular traditional wooden bin for garden waste. Planks slot into grooved corner posts for easy filling and emptying, plus there’s an optional and effective free-floating cover. No warranty, but sturdily made.
Design and setup
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Ease of use
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Compost quality
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Value for money
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Pros: Simple, tool-free assembly

Insulated cover sits directly on compost

Planks slide out for easy filling/access

Can be accessed on any side

Can extend with additional three-sided modules
Cons: Cover does let in some rain

No warranty
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What is the Modular Wooden Compost Bin like and where can I place it?

Solidly made from sustainably sourced Scandinavian softwood, the planks slot into upright grooves on the corner posts and the bin can be accessed from every side for versatile filling and emptying. Can be easily extended with additional 3-sided modules (£79.99 each) to form a run of two or more bins. An optional insulated free floating ‘duvet’ type cover sits directly on compost. The bin should be sited directly on soil to achieve good drainage and microbial action.

What is the Modular Wooden Compost Bin like to set up and use?

Assembly is tool-free and takes just a few minutes. Wooden planks are supplied with slot plates already fixed onto the ends so the planks slide smoothly in and out of the grooved posts, which are free-standing. The insulated ‘duvet’ cover retains heat and keeps out rain and has eyelets at the corners to enable the cover to be tied on. It does let in some rain round the edges, but this doesn’t significantly affect compost quality. The combination of this and the good insulating properties of wood produced the highest compost temperature out of the non-insulated bin designs in our trial. Composting in traditional (non-insulated) bins takes 6-12 months on a ‘fill and forget’ approach. You can speed up the process by emptying out, turning, and refilling to incorporate air and up the temperature, but obviously this takes time and effort. The easiest option is to have two bins so one rots while the other fills.

What can I put in the Modular Wooden Compost Bin?

There’s lots of room for garden waste and the open top makes it easy to mix materials as you fill it. For best results, soft green waste like lawn mowings and weeds should be mixed with woody or drier materials such as brown cardboard, chopped-up woody stems and dry leaves. Uncooked kitchen waste like vegetable peelings and teabags can go in, but it’s not suitable for cooked food waste that’s likely to attract vermin.

Who is the Modular Wooden Compost Bin most useful for?

Anyone with a small to medium sized garden to a large one, or an allotment, as the 573 litre capacity can deal with plenty of waste and additional bins can be added on as required. Ideally have at least two bins as composting takes six months or more, so one bin can be ‘cooking’ whilst the other fills.


Is the Modular Wooden Compost Bin value for money and is it built to last?

The Modular bin is a good price for a large capacity and easy to use bin and is made from sustainably sourced softwood. Although there’s no warranty, the bin is solidly made and inspired confidence.

Product Specifications


Brand Modular Wooden Compost Bins
Name Modular Wooden Compost Bin
Model Modular Wooden Compost Bin
Price £99.00


Material Wood
Height 91cm
Width 68cm
Depth 68cm
Capacity 573l
Lifetime Warranty No


Made from sustainably sourced Scandinavian softwood


Accessory notes

A lid is available for an additional £26.99

Additional modules can be purchased